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Burger King plans expansion of plant-based meat options following booming sales of GMO Impossible Burger

Daniel Kline | 
Burger King has been a pioneer among fast-food chains when it comes to offering plant-based meat alternatives. In August, it ...
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Agricultural innovations in synthetic biology will help launch next tech boom

Simon Erickson | 
Civic and mechanical engineering harnessed the principles of physics to erect buildings, cities, and modes of transportation. Chemical engineering exploited ...
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Lab-grown microbes could reduce agriculture’s dependence on chemical pesticides and fertilizers

Maxx Chatsko | 
There's a potentially huge technology risk on the horizon [for] fertilizer companies  ....  next-generation biotech products called microbials .... Microbials ...
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Humans will never set foot on Mars without biotechnology

Maxx Chatsko | 
Elon Musk has captured our imaginations by releasing plans to put humans on Mars by 2022 and establish a colony ...

Monsanto’s licensing of CRISPR will allow faster, more accurate, cheaper crop modification

Maxx Chatsko | 
...[U]ntil last week Monsanto was operating with a very noticeable omission in its research and development arsenal. It's a wonder it took ...

Companies betting big on biotech solutions for Zika, antibiotic resistant bacteria

Brian Feroldi, Cory Renauer, George Budwell | 
[The overuse of antibiotics has] become a real problem: antibiotic-resistant pneumonia rates currently exceed 50% in the U.S. Clearly, there's ...
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Organic agriculture’s low yields aren’t sustainable

Maxx Chatsko | 
The United Nations has estimated that food production will need to nearly double from 2008 levels by the year 2050 to ...
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GMO seeds boost corn yields more than 40%

Maxx Chatsko | 
Throughout human history, as the world's population has grown, so, too, has the amount of arable land converted into farmland ...
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Non-GMO sales skyrocketed in 2014

Brian Stoffel | 
In the battle surrounding GMO labeling, 2014 was a huge year. A measure was narrowly defeated in Oregon -- and one ...

Does Monsanto deserve reputation as an “evil” company?

Selena Maranjian | 
Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, have caused increasing controversy in recent years with various experts and non-experts alike weighing in ...
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Ecocide hysteria: Nassim Taleb may be risk expert but doesn’t understand science of GMOs

Maxx Chatsko | 
Nassim Taleb, one of my favorite authors and thought donors alive today, is making my efforts to spread knowledge about ...

Fear of GMOs hurts US competitiveness, prevents ‘scientifically responsible’ investment

Maxx Chatsko | 
Socially responsible investing has become pretty popular in recent years as a growing population of investors has decided to take ...

Chipotle’s aggressive anti-GMO stance helps boost earnings

Rich Duprey | 
Lost amid the swirl of attention showered on Chipotle Mexican Grill's first price hike in three years is the news that ...

How genetic engineering can save the iconic American Chestnut tree

Maxx Chatsko | 
An estimated 3 billion to 6 billion American chestnut trees once covered forests spreading from southern Mississippi to central Maine ...
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Black Swan author Nassim Taleb warns of unpredictable dangers from GMOs

Nassim Taleb, Rupert Read, Yaneer Bar-Yam | 
New York University professor Nassim Taleb, author of The Black Swan, which many believe foreshadowed the events leading up to the Great ...

GMO cereals have less vitamins, but maybe that’s not a bad thing

Rich Duprey | 
t is a fact that the new formulations do have fewer vitamins than those containing GMO ingredients. Industry site ...

Finanacial and legal woes for GMOs

Rich Duprey | 
I noted how an Australian farmer was suing a neighboring farmer for contaminating his organic fields with Monsanto's GM seed, ...

Will other companies follow Chipotle’s anti-GMO lead?

Shamus Funk | 
Chipotle's anti-GMO (genetically modified organism) mission coincided with a 30% jump in fourth quarter profits, and adaptable restaurant chains may soon ...

Could the Australian GMO-organic court case lead to global restrictions on biotech farming?

Rich Duprey | 
If an organic farmer in Australia is successful for suing over "contamination" from nearby GM crops, it may create a ...