Viewpoint: Paper straws, vegan diets won’t stop climate change—but sustainable ‘bioproducts’ might

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Are you slurping through a paper straw, searching for the next green product that will save the planet? Sorry to let you down: it’s policy — not individual action — that has the power to help us through the other side while also stimulating the bioeconomy.

Even if a quarter of all Americans and Europeans went vegan today, the effect on overall meat consumption would pale into insignificance to the increasing demands …. in the regions that continue to witness the world’s most rapid population growth.

If we are serious about the climate crisis …. it is large scale policy changes on the national and global level, and not individual actions, that stand the best chance of negotiating us toward that cleaner future.

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The world has come to rely on thousands of petroleum products, including inks, lubricants, fertilizers and plastics, with the latter forming the front line in the global fight against habitat destruction.

Luckily, there are bio-based alternatives to all of these products …. Success stories …. include potato-based compostable cutlery, the adoption of bio-based penetrating lubricants by the Department of Defence, a soy-based roof for the General Services Administration (GSA) building in Chicago, bio-based paint stripper for the Coast Guard and soy ink for map makers.

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