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Why do humans mate in private? Instinct or morality?

A debate has emerged as to why humans mate in private while every other animal – except the Arabian babbler ...
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Sequenced genome reveals how almonds went from bitter to sweet, could help produce more flavorful nuts

Science X Network | 
A team of researchers .... has found the genetic difference between bitter wild almonds and the sweet domesticated variety. In ...

Can success in life be predicted by our genes? | 
A team of researchers from the U.S., the U.K. and New Zealand has found genetic variants that appear to confer ...
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Can farmers reduce pesticide use but maintain expected yields? Study of French farms says yes

Phys Org | 
A team of researchers with members affiliated with several institutions in France has found that lowering the amount of pesticides ...
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Humans, gorillas parted ways evolutionarily much earlier than previous estimates, fossils show

Phys Org | 
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