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In debate over organic or conventional, is there third way to feed growing, warming world?

Food Navigator | 
Proponents of organic agriculture say it leads to better soil management, uses fewer pesticides and fertilisers, and is a better ...

‘Fear of the unknown’ prevents African adoption of GM crops, says African ag group

Food Navigator | 
Widespread opposition to genetically modified (GM) crops in Africa has been described as a farce, based on fear of the ...

EU health commissioner to prioritise talks on GM crop bans

Food Navigator | 
The following is an excerpt. EU health commissioner Tonio Borg intends to prioritise discussions with key European member states about ...

Poland latest European country to ban GM crops

Food Navigator | 
Poland has become the eighth European country to ban the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops approved by the European ...

Conference urges drive toward GMO-free Europe

Food Navigator | 
The European Green Party and the European GMO-free Regions Network is meeting with politicians, scientists, EU institutions and businesses in ...

Yes on Prop 37? No on Prop 37? Writer says no matter what the outcome, everyone loses

Food Navigator | 
It doesn’t matter whether you support Prop 37 or oppose it; whatever happens in November when Californians vote on whether ...