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Key ‘non-GMO’ ingredient for next plant-based burger may come from algae

Elaine Watson | 
Triton Algae Innovations - a San Diego-based firm building a production platform for food proteins from algae - says it ...

CRISPR could make wheat safe for people with Celiac disease

Flora Southey | 
Research in the Netherlands and at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) in the UK has found that gene-editing ...

Europe may relax its ban on neonicotinoid pesticides, alleged to harm bees, leaked document suggests

Flora Southey | 
According to a leaked document, the European Commission is considering ditching bee-safety standards that led to a ban of three ...
organic supermarket

Eating organic food reduces risk of some cancers, controversial study claims

Katy Askew | 
A French study published in the JAMA [Journal of the American Medical Association[ Internal Medicine journal links eating organic food ...
trade war

Excessive regulation, trade wars may give rise to black market for biotech crops, experts say

Niamh Michail | 
The rise in global trade wars and the recent EU decision to classify new plant breeding techniques (NPBTs) as genetically ...

What is ‘clean eating’? Consumers say popular marketing trend is ‘confusing’ and ‘pretentious’

Elaine Watson | 
While phrases such as ‘eating clean’ are starting to appear more frequently in consumer marketing, Mintel research shows some consumers ...
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GMO label should be mandatory on refined oils and sugars, says food industry lobby, aligning with anti-biotech groups

Elaine Watson | 
Consumers will lose trust in the food industry if USDA does not mandate that refined ingredients such as oils and ...

Finless Foods: Lab-grown fish startup that uses genetic engineering nears commercialization

Elaine Watson | 
Finless Foods – one of a new wave of start-ups in the rapidly heating-up cultured fish arena - has raised ...

Non-GMO Project: USDA’s labeling proposal makes us ‘more relevant than ever’

Elaine Watson | 
The Non-GMO Project will “only become more relevant” as mandatory GMO labeling kicks in, in part because its scope could ...

Early feedback on USDA’s GMO labeling proposal reveals ‘significant disagreement’

Elaine Watson | 
If the first wave of comments to its proposed rule on GMO labeling is anything to go by, USDA’s agricultural ...
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USDA’s GMO food labeling proposal: What you need to know

Elaine Watson | 
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published a long-awaited proposed rule to establish GMO labeling standards (the National Bioengineered ...
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CRISPR gene editing and other New Breeding Techniques (NBTs) face opposition from organic industry

Niamh Michail | 
Can organic and non-GMO agriculture offer innovative, tech-based solutions for our food system – or does hope lie in new ...
Bid to ban potentially misleading non-GMO, other 'free from' labels rejected by European Parliament

Bid to ban potentially misleading non-GMO, other ‘free from’ labels rejected by European Parliament

Niamh Michail | 
An Italian member of the European Parliament has had a motion to ban certain free-from claims on the grounds they ...
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Anti-GMO group plans to sue New Zealand food safety regulator over Golden Rice approval

Lester Wan | 
Campaign group GE-Free New Zealand is considering taking legal action against regulator Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) and the ...

Anti-GMO group Moms Across America attacks food brands over trace parts per billion of glyphosate

Elaine Watson | 
[G]lyphosate [is] in the spotlight again as anti-GMO activist group Moms Across America released test results suggesting trace levels of ...
Nourri sans OGM e

European consumers think non-GMO, other ‘free-from’ labeled foods are healthier

Niamh Michail | 
Free-from labelled foods seem healthier, with GM-free and palm oil-free labels having the strongest effect, according to a study of ...
GMO label doesn't deter European companies' interest in new soybean oil with less saturated fat

GMO label doesn’t deter European companies’ interest in new soybean oil with less saturated fat

Niamh Michail | 
DuPont Pioneer's soybean oil Plenish has been approved for the EU and, despite having to label on pack it as ...
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New Zealand anti-GMO group challenges recommended approval of Golden Rice to fight vitamin-A deficiency in Asia

Gary Scattergood | 
Campaign group GE Free NZ wants regulator Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) to review its draft approval for Golden ...
golden rice

Australia, New Zealand approve purchasing of GMO Golden Rice to tackle vitamin-A deficiency in Asia

Gary Scattergood | 
Products containing traces of golden rice, which is genetically modified to produce beta-carotene, should be able to be sold in ...
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Milk without cows: Commercialization of synthetic dairy products in the works

Elaine Watson | 
Berkeley-based Perfect Day – which is creating ‘vegan’ dairy proteins without cows – is in talks with food industry partners ...
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Judge dismisses lawsuit against Dannon alleging consumers misled by ‘all-natural’ dairy products from cows fed GMOs

Elaine Watson | 
A judge has granted Dannon’s motion to dismiss a high-profile false advertising lawsuit alleging shoppers were misled by its ‘all-natural’ ...

EU reauthorizes glyphosate herbicide-resistant GMO sugar beets for import, but not cultivation

Niamh Michail | 
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) scientists have cleared a genetically modified sugar beet developed by Monsanto and KWS for reauthorisation ...
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How will the EU regulate new crop breeding techniques like CRISPR?

Katy Askew | 
Developments in genetic coding techniques open the doorway to crops that produce higher yields or have positive characteristics, such as ...

India should allow GMOs to boost lagging soybean yields, US says

RJ Whitehead | 
“For India to increase production, it should allow the use of innovative technologies, including GMOs,” said Scott Sindelar [the agriculture ...
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‘No GMOs, No Worries’? Milk producers ‘Peel back the label’ campaign challenges anti-science marketing

Elaine Watson | 
"Rampant fear-based food marketing" – most notably from brands touting their non-GMO credentials - is damaging consumer trust and “jeopardizing the ...

Judge tosses suit claiming Quaker Oats misled customers because its 100% natural cereals contain glyphosate

Elaine Watson | 
A federal judge has tossed a high-profile lawsuit accusing Quaker Oats of misleading shoppers with 100% natural claims on products ...
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5 ways the food industry can earn consumer trust for gene-edited foods

Charlie Arnot | 
[Editor's note: Charlie Arnot is CEO of the Center for Food Integrity.] Trust research from The Center for Food Integrity ...
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USDA plans to publish draft of proposed federal GMO labeling rule this fall

Elaine Watson | 
USDA will publish a draft of its proposed federal GMO labeling rule in the fall of this year (which will ...