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honey bees fungicides

Glyphosate-tainted honey? New Zealand honey industry rejects ‘sensationalized’ coverage of pesticide safety report

Pearly Neo | 
The New Zealand honey industry has refuted recent claims of its products being unsafe for consumption in the wake of ...

Could food of the future come from ‘microbial protein factories’ instead of plants and animals?

Elaine Watson | 
Could a suite of microscopic microbial protein factories (yeast, bacteria, fungi, algae) give plants and animals a run for their ...
cheeses x

Cheese without the cow: Could bioengineering produce animal-free dairy products?

Pearly Neo | 
Australian-US firm Change Foods is creating cheese from scratch using bio-engineering technology, claiming that their products will hold an advantage ...
filipino farmers protest x

Biotech experts push back after week-long protest to block Philippines Golden Rice approval

Pearly Neo | 
Golden Rice is any rice variety that has been genetically modified to include two genes (from maize and soil bacteria) ...
Screen Shot at PM

Cavendish banana faces extinction. Can scientists save this staple before it’s too late?

Katy Askew | 
Pests and diseases are threatening Cavendish bananas with extinction. Dutch university Wageningen and plant research company KeyGene are jointly joining ...
screenshot impossible foods

Canada’s demand for GMO Impossible Burger grows as consumers cut meat from diets

Mary Shoup | 
Responding to “overwhelming demand” in Canada, the Impossible Burger will be available this year in a wider variety of restaurants ...
impossible burger vs beyond burger

Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat dismiss criticism from rival Lightlife Foods as a PR stunt

Elaine Watson | 
In an open letter slammed by Impossible Foods as cynical and disingenuous and dismissed by one commentator as a “PR ...
usda fraud

Organic farming fraud is growing, prompting USDA crackdown proposal

Elizabeth Crawford | 
Responding to increasing fraud threats to the organic industry, the US Department of Agriculture seeks to strengthen oversight and improve ...

Organic activists sue USDA to nullify and revise bioengineered food labeling standards

Elaine Watson | 
The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard – which requires firms to label ‘bioengineered’ foods and beverages – is unlawful and ...

Following restaurant debut, gene-edited, heart-healthy soybean oil now available directly to consumers

Mary Shoup | 
Plant-based technology company Calyxt has launched a direct-to-consumer site for its high oleic soybean cooking oil, Calyno, which is claimed ...
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Impossible Foods rolls out plant-based GMO burger to 1,700 new stores as COVID-19 strains meat supplies

Elaine Watson | 
As more meat plants temporarily close or operate at reduced capacity as coronavirus spreads, plant-based brands “have a window of ...
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COVID-19, climate change may accelerate public acceptance of CRISPR-edited food

Katy Askew, Oliver Peoples | 
Gene editing, like genetic modification, is a technology that has attracted a fair amount of skepticism from European regulators and ...
lab meat

Consumers may pay more for lab-grown meat once told about its perceived benefits

Oliver Morrison | 
A study at Maastricht University claims people are prepared to pay more for lab-grown meat after being told of its ...

Biotech-powered, plant-based seafood poised to cut overfishing, pollution and ‘food fraud’

Katy Askew | 
Plant-based seafood specialist Kuleana is targeting seafood and sushi lovers with what it describes as the ‘next generation of raw ...
new taste product e

FDA has ‘no objections’ to lab-made dairy proteins produced with GMO microbes

Elaine Watson | 
Perfect Day, a startup producing milk proteins via microbial fermentation (minus the cows), has secured a coveted ‘no questions/objections’ letter ...

Customized biotech yeast could make more plant-based proteins and replace artificial food additives

Niamh Michail | 
A Brazilian biotech start-up is custom-designing novel, natural yeast strains that can be used to make plant proteins, replace artificial ...
black sigatoka

France introduces banana resistant to black Sigatoka—deadly disease that can cut fruit yields 50%

Katy Askew | 
A new variety of banana that is resistant to black Sigatoka and can be produced using organic and agro-ecological production ...
beyond meat

Beyond Meat goes ‘on the offensive,’ blasting critics who claim plant-based burgers are ultra-processed

Elaine Watson | 
While its CEO says engaging in an increasingly heated debate over the merits of plant- vs animal-based meat can be ...
vanilla wide e f c d e dc a d b f

Most food flavorings could be made with GMO microbes, sparing large amounts of farmland

Elaine Watson | 
In future, the majority of natural flavors could be produced from microscopic armies of microbes programmed to convert sugars into ...
Screen Shot at PM

CRISPR-edited crops could go on sale in Japan before end of 2019

Guan Yu Lim | 
Food products produced using genome editing technology could go on sale in Japan by the end of the year despite ...
GrazingDairyCow rh de

New Zealand mulls loosening strict biotech crop rules as GMO ryegrass shows promise in field trial

Pearly Neo | 
While New Zealand has not yet approved the release of genetically modified crops, its agricultural research agency’s principle scientist has ...

Can the ‘trendy’ microbiome diet ease consumer fear of GMOs?

Oliver Morrison | 
The acceptance of the trendy microbiome diet among consumers has put wind in the sails of ag-biotech start up Joyn ...
greenpeace europe

Europe’s rejection of GMO, CRISPR crops can teach scientists how to earn consumer trust

Katy Askew | 
European regulators and consumers have been steadfast in their rejection of genetic modification in food. The idea of ‘Frankenfood’ has ...
Beyond Meat Vegan Food

Proposed US law would require Beyond, Impossible Burgers to be labeled ‘imitation’ meat

Elaine Watson | 
A federal bill that would require plant-based and cell-cultured meat products to be labeled as ‘imitation’ meat has been welcomed ...
istock jpg x q crop subsampling

Fertilizer, pesticides from microbes could help make urban farming more productive

RJ Whitehead | 
Singapore could be an urban farming oasis and achieve government-set guidelines for produce self-sufficiency as researchers there pioneer the development ...
image e

Will meat, milk and eggs from ‘microbial protein factories’ replace animal agriculture?

Elaine Watson | 
“By 2030, the US dairy and cattle industry will have collapsed,” as ‘precision fermentation’ – producing animal proteins more efficiently ...

Animal proteins from GMO microbes: More synthetic food ingredients to launch in 2021

Elaine Watson | 
The first three proteins from Motif FoodWorks’ fermentation-based food ingredient platform will be ready for launch in early 2021, says ...
thailands rice farmers

Thailand, home to early crop biotech research, proposes strict GMO safety, labeling rules

Pearly Neo | 
Thailand has drafted a new set of regulations for comments, targeting food and food products containing or consisting of genetically ...