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Glyphosate-tainted honey? New Zealand honey industry rejects ‘sensationalized’ coverage of pesticide safety report

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The New Zealand honey industry has refuted recent claims of its products being unsafe for consumption in the wake of ...
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Cheese without the cow: Could bioengineering produce animal-free dairy products?

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Australian-US firm Change Foods is creating cheese from scratch using bio-engineering technology, claiming that their products will hold an advantage ...
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Biotech experts push back after week-long protest to block Philippines Golden Rice approval

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Golden Rice is any rice variety that has been genetically modified to include two genes (from maize and soil bacteria) ...
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New Zealand mulls loosening strict biotech crop rules as GMO ryegrass shows promise in field trial

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While New Zealand has not yet approved the release of genetically modified crops, its agricultural research agency’s principle scientist has ...
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Thailand, home to early crop biotech research, proposes strict GMO safety, labeling rules

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Thailand has drafted a new set of regulations for comments, targeting food and food products containing or consisting of genetically ...