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d printing of meat

From lab-grown burgers to 3D printed steak, here’s why alternative meat is mainstream in 2019

Food Navigator | 
As the sustainability agenda rises in the food industry, innovators are increasingly looking at ways of swapping out meat for ...

Danish Council of Ethics urges EU to revamp GMO rules—’very new stance’​ for Denmark

Food Navigator | 
The Danish Council of Ethics recommends that legislation regarding the approval of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) be changed to help ...
GMO free small

Viewpoint: Europe’s overregulation of CRISPR-edited crops ‘cripples’ Africa’s food security efforts

Food Navigator | 
Current GMO regulation is crippling advancements in sustainable development and food security, according to agricultural economist Matin Qaim, who told ...

CRISPR could make wheat safe for people with Celiac disease

Food Navigator | 
Research in the Netherlands and at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) in the UK has found that gene-editing ...

Europe may relax its ban on neonicotinoid pesticides, alleged to harm bees, leaked document suggests

Food Navigator | 
According to a leaked document, the European Commission is considering ditching bee-safety standards that led to a ban of three ...