Viewpoint: Cell-based meat on sale in Europe within 3-5 years? While the rest of the world innovates in food technology, politics and bureaucracy paralyze EU

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Credit: Adobe Stock
Credit: Adobe Stock

[In December 2020,] Singapore became the first country to authorise the commercialisation of cultivated meat.​ Understandably, Europeans want to know when it will be their turn: when will cultivated meat be served on EU plates?

At ProVeg International’s 2021 New Food Conference, attendees were asked this exact question. 

A small proportion (8%) said they don’t believe cultured meat will ever be commercialised in Europe. Eleven percent were significantly more optimistic, believing that lab-grown meat will reach plates within the next two years. 

More still (34%) said that lab-grown meat would eventually be commercialised on the bloc, but that it would take five years or longer, and the majority (58%) said cultivated meat would receive approval within three to five years.

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Once a ‘perfect’ application is submitted, the approval process is expected to take at least 18 months. “Any reiteration will need at least six months on top,” ​said the Peace of Meat director [David Brandes]. “So let’s assume 24-30 months is realistic from the time of submission.”​ 

Continuing his calculations, Brandes said he hopes the first applications will be submitted within the next quarter. Adding on two years on top of that bring his estimation of a first approval to at least three years from now.

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