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black sigatoka

France introduces banana resistant to black Sigatoka—deadly disease that can cut fruit yields 50%

Food Navigator | 
A new variety of banana that is resistant to black Sigatoka and can be produced using organic and agro-ecological production ...
greenpeace europe

Europe’s rejection of GMO, CRISPR crops can teach scientists how to earn consumer trust

Food Navigator | 
European regulators and consumers have been steadfast in their rejection of genetic modification in food. The idea of ‘Frankenfood’ has ...
confidential info

EU adopts new rules to quell mistrust of food safety studies based on industry data

Food Navigator | 
New rules designed to increase transparency in the EU food safety risk assessment process have been adopted. The European Parliament ...
organic supermarket

Eating organic food reduces risk of some cancers, controversial study claims

Food Navigator | 
A French study published in the JAMA [Journal of the American Medical Association[ Internal Medicine journal links eating organic food ...
dae o e

How will the EU regulate new crop breeding techniques like CRISPR?

Food Navigator | 
Developments in genetic coding techniques open the doorway to crops that produce higher yields or have positive characteristics, such as ...