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child teeth decay

How genes influence mouth bacteria and tooth decay

Medical News Today | 
The composition of our oral bacteria when we are very young is predominantly influenced by our genetic background. But as ...
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Muscle strength may be in the genes —16 of them

Medical News Today | 
For the first time, scientists have discovered common genetic factors that influence muscle strength. The discovery offers new insights into ...
HD Cancertesticular Cancer

Testicular cancer risks identified, raising hopes for screening test

Medical News Today | 
A new study brings closer the day when healthy men will be able to undergo a genetic test that shows ...

Potential melanoma treatment uses protein that repairs damaged DNA

Medical News Today | 
Scientists have discovered that the immune environment inside melanomas with mutations in the protein altered in ways that promote ...
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‘Window of opportunity’ to treat thyroid disease: Genetically modified stem cells

Medical News Today | 
Scientists have found a way to efficiently engineer new thyroid cells from stem cells. The discovery, performed in mice, is ...
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Even mild brain trauma could be dangerous for those at risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

Medical News Today | 
Moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury is a known risk factor for diseases that gradually destroy the brain - such as late-onset ...

What you eat influences which genes your gut microbes switch on and off

Medical News Today | 
New research provides further evidence of the important role that gut microbes play in health - by revealing they alter ...
Sickle Cell Disease Program

Sickle cell cure now seen as possible as scientists remove faulty gene with CRISPR

Medical News Today | 
Researchers have found a way to repair the faulty gene that causes sickle cell disease, which they suggest is a ...

Progenitor cells, not stem cells, responsible for daily blood supply

Medical News Today | 
Currently, text books say the life-long supply of the billions of blood cells in our veins is driven by a ...

Five new genetic markers for pancreatic cancer identified

Medical News Today | 
After comparing the DNA of thousands of people with and without the disease, a new study has identified five genetic ...

Chromosome ‘telomeres’ that protect human health can also lead to deadly brain cancer

Medical News Today | 
Telomeres are to chromosomes what plastic caps are to the ends of shoelaces - they stop them unravelling as they ...

Genes at the dentist? Fresh take on gum disease

Medical News Today | 
A study published in the Journal of Dental Research suggests a new system for classifying periodontal disease that may allow ...

Vitamin C influence gene activity in stem cells

Medical News Today | 
The following is an excerpt. A study of mouse stem cells reveals that vitamin C may play a role in ...

Checking DNA in the blood to diagnose heart problems

Medical News Today | 
The following is an edited excerpt. When patients complain of chest pain, they have to undergo a time-consuming and expensive ...

Melanoma genes found in “junk” DNA

Medical News Today | 
The following is an excerpt. US scientists have found two new mutations in non-coding (formerly dubbed "junk") DNA that occur ...
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