Pesticides and food: It’s not a black and white issue

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FIRST ARTICLE: Has pesticide use decreased over the last 40 years?

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Biotech industry, anti-GMO activists face off over new NAFTA trade deal

Biotech industry, anti-GMO activists face off over new NAFTA trade deal

Politico | 
The U.S., Canada and Mexico collectively addressed agricultural biotechnology like genetically modified organisms for the first time in the new ...
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USDA aims to debut ‘bioengineered’ GMO food labels by December 1

Politico | 
The USDA by Dec. 1 is aiming to publish a final rule on labeling food containing genetically engineered ingredients, Greg ...
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FDA vs USDA? Federal agencies ready for a turf war, but may partner to regulate lab-grown meat

Politico | 
FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said [on July 17th] that the agency is working closely with USDA on early efforts to ...

Food fight: GMO labeling disagreements behind food lobby shakeup?

Politico | 
Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, rocked food circles in late October with the news that it was leaving the ...

Organic industry forms ‘anti-fraud task force’ following discovery of ‘contaminated’ USDA-certified imports

Politico | 
A task force convened by the Organic Trade Association will get to work [June 2017] on developing a best-practices guide for ...