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Top EU farm officials back gene editing, call for efforts to assuage concern about ‘unintended impacts’

Arthur Neslen | 
The European Commission’s top agriculture civil servant said [October 1] he supports controversial gene-editing technologies, but called for more “assurances” ...
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Viewpoint: US faces policy nightmare if China wins race to produce a safe, effective COVID vaccine

Elizabeth Ralph | 
It’s very possible a Chinese [COVID-19] vaccine could be the first to succeed in Phase III trials. If Warp Speed ...
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As Trump administration retreats, Germany poised to replace US as main supporter of world health initiatives

Ashleigh Furling | 
In the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump’s confirmation that the U.S. will exit the World Health Organization — leaving ...
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Democratic strategists urge Joe Biden to take on Monsanto to win rural support

Liz Crampton | 
The Biden campaign wants to undercut President Donald Trump’s sweeping victory across rural America in 2016 by making its case ...
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EU blocks Austria’s planned glyphosate ban, rejecting claim that weedkiller harms human health

Eddy Wax | 
The European Commission has blocked Austria from implementing a planned ban on the controversial weedkiller glyphosate, a document seen by ...
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Trump rebuff: Administration-backed Idaho law banning transgender athletes from participating in school sports that match their gender identity on hold

Bianca Quilantan | 
Idaho’s "Fairness in Women’s Sports Act" [that bars transgender women from participating in school sports] will now be on pause ...
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EU environmental groups say proposed pesticide rules would ‘water down’ protection for pollinators

Arthur Neslen, Eddy Wax | 
EU countries .... expressed their preference for a way of regulating potentially bee-harming pesticides that has been contested by environmental ...

Is the FDA facing political pressure to rush through approval of untested COVID-19 vaccines to fit Trump’s political schedule?

Sarah Owermohle | 
President Donald Trump has promised that there will be a coronavirus vaccine before the year is out. But public health ...
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Contact tracing promises to curb the spread of COVID-19 in New York–if privacy fears can be overcome

Amanda Eisenberg | 
Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers will be asked to disclose personal information this month as part of the city’s ...
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Europe fears empty grocery stores amid coronavirus outbreak, but food companies say there’s plenty to go around

Eddy Wax | 
Naked supermarket shelves and masked shoppers hoarding pasta have become the iconic images of the coronavirus crisis so far. But ...
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‘Just an overreaction’: Inside the world of coronavirus denialism

Keith Kloor | 
I created a faux Twitter account and set about building my own information bubble. My objective: Inhabit the world of ...
Europe considers accelerated GMO import approval process to facilitate mini US trade deal

Europe considers accelerated GMO import approval process to facilitate mini US trade deal

Arthur Neslen, Jakob Hanke Vela | 
Brussels is ready to offer to speed up the approval process for genetically modified organisms imported into the EU, as ...
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EU review of strict CRISPR crop rules dominated by biotech industry, anti-GMO groups allege

Arthur Neslen, Eddy Wax | 
The EU is launching a consultation as part of an info-gathering exercise for a Commission study on “the status of ...
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Leaked proposals suggest EU may assess CRISPR gene editing to ‘improve sustainability’ of food production

Arthur Neslen, Eddy Wax, Louise Guillot | 
More leaked drafts of the Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy reveal how the [European] Commission’s plan to make EU food ...
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EU Green Party aims to halve synthetic pesticide use by 2025, phase it out completely in 15 years

Arthur Neslen, Eddy Wax, Zoia Wanat | 
The EU’s European Green Deal drafters may have succeeded in dodging some of the most immediately contentious issues in the ...
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‘Mini-trade deal’ between US, China expected to ease Chinese restrictions on GMO crops

Adam Behsudi | 
President Donald Trump has signed off on a mini-trade deal with China, four people familiar with the negotiations said on ...

EU votes to ban insecticide chlorpyrifos, citing brain damage risk to children

Eddy Wax | 
A majority of EU countries voted to ban chlorpyrifos, an insecticide deemed unsafe for human health by the EU’s food ...
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Soybean designed to grow on exhausted pasture land could help protect Amazon rainforest

Arthur Neslen | 
The agrichemical giant Syngenta wants to go green by developing specific varieties of soybeans to be grown away from the ...
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French Parliament: 2022 glyphosate ban falls off track as widespread weed killer use continues

Zosia Wanat | 
IS FRANCE’S GLYPHOSATE EXIT PLAN ON TRACK? A French parliament report, published on [Nov. 13], suggests not. President Emmanuel Macron ...