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EU opposition to GM crops encourages hunger in developing nations, US trade official warns

Politico | 
A senior U.S. official blasted EU plans for greener farming on [October 27], accusing Brussels of risking worldwide starvation by ...

Socialist EU Parliament member urges regulators to block neonicotinoid pesticide use in France

Politico Pro | 
French Socialist MEP Eric Andrieu says he has written to the European Commission to ask for the suspension of a ...
ban roundup

EU blocks Austria’s planned glyphosate ban, rejecting claim that weedkiller harms human health

Politico | 
The European Commission has blocked Austria from implementing a planned ban on the controversial weedkiller glyphosate, a document seen by ...
Field of oilseed rape with bees e

EU environmental groups say proposed pesticide rules would ‘water down’ protection for pollinators

Politico | 
EU countries .... expressed their preference for a way of regulating potentially bee-harming pesticides that has been contested by environmental ...
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Europe fears empty grocery stores amid coronavirus outbreak, but food companies say there’s plenty to go around

Politico | 
Naked supermarket shelves and masked shoppers hoarding pasta have become the iconic images of the coronavirus crisis so far. But ...
greenpeace eu

EU review of strict CRISPR crop rules dominated by biotech industry, anti-GMO groups allege

Politico | 
The EU is launching a consultation as part of an info-gathering exercise for a Commission study on “the status of ...
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Leaked proposals suggest EU may assess CRISPR gene editing to ‘improve sustainability’ of food production

Politico | 
More leaked drafts of the Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy reveal how the [European] Commission’s plan to make EU food ...
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EU Green Party aims to halve synthetic pesticide use by 2025, phase it out completely in 15 years

Politico | 
The EU’s European Green Deal drafters may have succeeded in dodging some of the most immediately contentious issues in the ...

EU votes to ban insecticide chlorpyrifos, citing brain damage risk to children

Politico | 
A majority of EU countries voted to ban chlorpyrifos, an insecticide deemed unsafe for human health by the EU’s food ...

Will the EU reverse its block on CRISPR crops? Rebel countries urge regulators to reconsider legal status of gene editing

Politico | 
The EU Council will ask the Commission to conduct a study into the “status of novel genomic techniques” for plants ...
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EU bans neonic insecticide thiacloprid after 2020, citing threats to human reproductive health, bees

Politico | 
EU countries [Ocotber 22] voted not to extend the license of the insecticide thiacloprid when it expires at the end ...
Fear of 'mighty multinationals' could spur European glyphosate bans despite evidence, EU food safety official says

Fear of ‘mighty multinationals’ could spur European glyphosate bans despite evidence, EU food safety official says

Politico | 
The world’s most used herbicide is now more of a political football than a weedkiller. Bernhard Url, the head of ...
bcdae ac a a f ce

German government, farm group face off over impact of potential glyphosate ban

Politico | 
The German agriculture ministry strenuously rubbished a claim by farmers association DBV that the country’s new insect protection plan, which ...

French town’s failed pesticide ban reignites national campaign against Bayer’s Roundup weed killer

Politico | 
Daniel Cueff’s failed crusade to ban pesticides in his tiny Breton village lays bare the deep political contradictions at the ...
tdy news macron

French President Emmanuel Macron challenges legality of town’s glyphosate weed killer ban

Politico | 
French President Emmanuel Macron told a mayor from Brittany who ordered a ban on the use of pesticides near his ...
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Bayer sells animal health division for $7.6 billion, denies deal prompted by glyphosate-cancer lawsuits

Politico | 
Agriculture and pharmaceutical giant Bayer [August 20] agreed [to] a $7.6 billion deal to sell its animal health business to ...
Brexit cutting the ties e

Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Time to ‘liberate’ UK farming from EU’s anti-GMO rules

Politico | 
In his first prime ministerial speech [July 24], Boris Johnson called for a “liberation” of the U.K.’s bioscience sector after ...
EU health commissioner: Anti-vaccine, glyphosate 'conspiracy theories' threaten Europe with 'new middle ages'

EU health commissioner: Anti-vaccine, glyphosate ‘conspiracy theories’ threaten Europe with ‘new middle ages’

Politico | 
Europe’s Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis on [June 7] warned that conspiracy theories were winning the argument against science in Europe ...
bayer monsanto

Costly glyphosate-cancer legal battles spark Bayer shareholder ‘revolt’

Politico | 
You can't blame the Americans at Monsanto any more. Europe's most politically inflammatory chemical — the ubiquitous weedkiller glyphosate — ...
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