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Allegations of misconduct at Chinese GMO research lab revives public’s skepticism

Wall Street Journal | 
A former employee at a state laboratory that studies genetically modified foods said his superiors had him falsify reports, reviving ...
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Cumbersome regulatory approval of GMOs in China hurts innovation

Wall Street Journal | 
China’s government has too many rules restricting the adoption of genetically modified food, and that’s ultimately hurting its long-term competitiveness ...

Senior Chinese official: GMO ‘cutting-edge global technology’ despite criticism

Wall Street Journal | 
A stream of public criticism from retired military officials against China’s rising engagement with genetically modified food doesn’t amount to ...
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Greenpeace, Chinese official claim GM soybeans cause infertility, warn against US grain imports

Wall Street Journal | 
GMO food is closely identified as a tool of Western strategic policy among Chinese military men, regardless of whether there’s ...

Public debate reignites in China following investigation of illegal GMO corn and cotton

Wall Street Journal | 
A war of words in China has reignited public debate over just how far genetically modified food - still mostly ...

China wants to develop its own GMOs

Wall Street Journal | 
China has long faced unfavorable food math: It feeds a fifth of the world’s population on a seventh of its ...

Key Chinese government officials back GMOs

Wall Street Journal | 
The Chinese government has been rolling out statements and public events in support of GMOs, writes Wall Street Journal reporter ...

China: As officials allow more GMOs, the public’s anti-GMO voices grow louder

Wall Street Journal | 
A popular newspaper in China published an article by a prominent member of the anti-GMO community, prompting responses from pro-GMO ...

China suspends researcher on “golden rice” study

Wall Street Journal | 
China's national health watchdog suspended one of its researchers after announcing it hadn't approved or participated in a 2008 Sino-U.S ...