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Will EPA’s new restrictions on dicamba herbicide quell drift problems?

Delta Farm Press | 
On the back of drift complaints, the filing of class-action lawsuits and, most recently, new EPA requirements for dicamba-tolerant crops, Monsanto continues to ...
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Add Tennessee to list of states restricting dicamba herbicide after drift complaints

Delta Farm Press | 
The Tennessee Department of Agriculture, facing some 70 suspected dicamba-drift complaints largely in western Tennessee, has issued new rules on ...

Farmers worry over weed control in corn as EPA mulls future of atrazine

Delta Farm Press | 
Corn is a great rotational crop from an agronomic standpoint, and [atrazine] has been recommended to assist with control of ...

Illegal spraying of new GMO soybean creates bad press for farmers, agricultural biotech

Delta Farm Press | 
University of Arkansas weed scientists Jason Norsworthy and Tom Barber find a bit of shade to shelter in and talk ...
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Monsanto explains why new GMO soybeans were released before dicamba formulation approved

Delta Farm Press | 
When serious drift issues began popping up around the Mid-South in late June, dicamba immediately became the prime suspect. The ...

Mandatory GMO labeling reaches ‘boil’

Delta Farm Press | 
The battle over mandatory labeling of biotechnology-derived food has reached a boil. “I’ve been asked to hit on a few ...