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America’s farmers vs anti-GMO groups: The looming fight over gene editing in agriculture

Hembree Brandon | 
Although the USDA has announced it “does not have any plans to regulate plants” that are created through the revolutionary ...
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Will EPA’s new restrictions on dicamba herbicide quell drift problems?

David Bennett | 
On the back of drift complaints, the filing of class-action lawsuits and, most recently, new EPA requirements for dicamba-tolerant crops, Monsanto continues to ...
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Add Tennessee to list of states restricting dicamba herbicide after drift complaints

David Bennett | 
The Tennessee Department of Agriculture, facing some 70 suspected dicamba-drift complaints largely in western Tennessee, has issued new rules on ...

Farmers worry over weed control in corn as EPA mulls future of atrazine

David Bennett | 
Corn is a great rotational crop from an agronomic standpoint, and [atrazine] has been recommended to assist with control of ...

Illegal spraying of new GMO soybean creates bad press for farmers, agricultural biotech

David Bennett | 
University of Arkansas weed scientists Jason Norsworthy and Tom Barber find a bit of shade to shelter in and talk ...
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Monsanto explains why new GMO soybeans were released before dicamba formulation approved

David Bennett | 
When serious drift issues began popping up around the Mid-South in late June, dicamba immediately became the prime suspect. The ...

Weed Science Society: U.S. would lose half its soy, corn crops if herbicides eliminated

Forrest Laws | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Experts from the Weed ...

Almost none of our food is ‘natural,’ GMOs safe, necessary

Hembree Brandon | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. "Over the centuries we’ve ...

Mandatory GMO labeling reaches ‘boil’

David Bennett | 
The battle over mandatory labeling of biotechnology-derived food has reached a boil. “I’ve been asked to hit on a few ...

‘Significant majority’ of consumers OK with GMOs, despite protests and scare tactics

Hembree Brandon | 
Despite all the protests, scare tactics, and outright misinformation about the safety of food products with GMO ingredients, a significant ...

GMOs, herbicides, insecticides vital to feeding another two billion people

Hembree Brandon | 
Uncontrolled weeds are a major contributor to world hunger, says Leonard Gianessi, consultant to The CropLife Foundation based in Washington ...

RNAi tool could play role in next stage of GMO crop development

Sometime between now and the end of the decade Monsanto plans to launch a new corn rootworm 3 trait that ...

New corn rootworm traits will help farmers control underground pests

Corn farmers have experienced some cases of corn-rootworm resistance to new biotech traits, but the incidents have not been widespread ...

Anti-GMO acting troupe takes it to the streets

Elton Robinson | 
The work of an anti-GMO group called MoveOn, which wants to impose mandatory labeling of GMO crops on Americans, brings ...

Real threat to food security is ginned-up panic over GMOs

Larry Steckel | 
There has been a lot of commotion about GMO crops in the press this summer. It amazes me that there ...

The Internet zoo weighs in on GE wheat

Elton Robinson | 
The following is an edited excerpt. At a supermarket in London, a student named Flo Wrightson Cross picks up a ...

Organic supporters peddle fear in push for labeling

Elton Robinson | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Most everybody knows that GMO labelling is the pet project of the U.S. organic ...

Specialty crop group petitions EPA on herbicide-resistant crops

Elton Robinson | 
A coalition within the U.S. specialty crop industry has petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency and USDA’s Animal and Plant Health ...
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