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Articles written for the GLP list the source as Genetic Literacy Project. All other articles were written for the sources noted with excerpts provided by the GLP.

Ancient remedy, silver, offers promise where antibiotics fail

New York Times | 
Several years ago, a mosquito bite on Elizabeth Loboa’s right leg became infected, turning into an oozing sore that refused ...

Study shows direct link between rice consumption and arsenic-induced genetic damage

Discover | 
It’s been more than a decade since scientists first raised an alarm about arsenic levels in rice—based on the realization ...
gm foods

Media manipulation by anti-GM scientists and NGOs

Knight Science Journalism Tracker | 
The controversial study purportedly documenting the dangers of GM corn continues to come under fire--not from industry critics but from ...

Advocacy NGOs spread grass GM scare, but facts prevail

CBS news reporter, Alix Bryan posted a story about a herd of cattle in Elgin, Texas supposedly poisoned by cyanide ...