Articles written for the GLP list the source as Genetic Literacy Project. All other articles were written for the sources noted with excerpts provided by the GLP.
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Missing link: The complicated sex lives of ancient humans

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Analysis of two Neanderthal genomes, one Denisovan genome, and four modern human genomes revealed new evidence of gene flow between ...
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Why did fatherhood evolve?

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We might take the doting modern dad for granted, but if you take a look at the rest of the ...
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Fathers who exercise may also improve the genetics of their children, study suggests

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A positive perception of regular exercise may be one of the more lasting gifts a parent can give their children. But there’s ...

Tragic tradeoff: How depression evaded evolution

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Depression is an evolutionary conundrum. On the one hand, it’s the leading cause of disability worldwide; on the other, the ...