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Missing link: The complicated sex lives of ancient humans

Emma Betuel | 
Analysis of two Neanderthal genomes, one Denisovan genome, and four modern human genomes revealed new evidence of gene flow between ...
Podcast: How male sex drive evolved

Podcast: How male sex drive evolved

For decades, scientists suggested that fatherhood fulfilled a primarily evolutionary function: protecting and providing for offspring in return for sex ...
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Why did fatherhood evolve?

Emma Betuel | 
We might take the doting modern dad for granted, but if you take a look at the rest of the ...
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How an event in what is now the United States may have contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire

Nina Pullano | 
With a new analysis of particles found in ice cores, researchers determined that [Alaskan volcano] Okmok's eruption coincided with Rome's ...
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Recreating evolution: Human gene triggers bigger brains in monkeys

Nina Pullano | 
Researchers in Germany and Japan introduced a human-specific gene to the fetuses of common marmosets, Callithrix jacchus. In turn, that ...
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‘Extreme difficulty’ trusting past experiences may be key factor for people with OCD, study says

Grace Browne | 
Often, the human brain can overcome worries and fears by casting the mind back to past experiences that have worked ...
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3 modern adaptations that prove humans are still evolving

Sarah Sloat | 
Genetic mutations lead to new traits — and with the world population now above 7 billion and rising, the chances ...
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Gene-editing ‘vaccine’ could radically change heart disease risk

Ali Pattillo | 
As many as 50 percent of heart attacks strike without any warning signs and in individuals with no history of heart disease. When ...
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Interbreeding with Neanderthals, Denisovans gave us an evolutionary boost, study says

Sarah Sloat | 
When Homo sapiens left Africa and encountered the Homo neanderthalensis in Europe, the two ancient hominins did the obvious thing and had sex with ...
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What the next 20 years have in store for male birth control, including a gel rubbed into the shoulders

Sarah Sloat | 
[M]ale contraception has been limited to the same two options for the last 100 years: condoms and a vasectomy. Neither ...
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3 ‘biomarkers’ linked to male sexual orientation in study

Yasmin Tayag | 
The search for the “gay gene” is rooted in a fraught question: Does homosexuality have a biological basis? The reasons ...
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Fathers who exercise may also improve the genetics of their children, study suggests

Emma Betuel | 
A positive perception of regular exercise may be one of the more lasting gifts a parent can give their children. But there’s ...

CRISPR-edited chickens are coming: Can they stop a bird flu epidemic?

Sarah Sloat | 
Humans don’t usually get the flu directly from animals, but human outbreaks of bird and swine flu can and do ...

Tragic tradeoff: How depression evaded evolution

Emma Betuel | 
Depression is an evolutionary conundrum. On the one hand, it’s the leading cause of disability worldwide; on the other, the ...
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Climate change makes bugs hungrier, which could threaten our food supply

Dana Dovey | 
Climate change is already threatening our food supply by raising temperatures and causing wildfires, but as a new study in ...

Linked at last? 4-million-year-old skull connects humans to ‘Lucy’ ancestor

Sarah Sloat | 
Long before Neanderthals or Homo erectus wandered the Earth, there lived an early human species called Australopithecus afarensis. Most famously represented by the specimen known ...
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We’ve been dealing with bubonic plague for 4,000 years, DNA analysis of ancient skeletons shows

Sarah Sloat | 
Recently, the examination of two 3,800-year old skeletons revealed the presence of a Yersinia pestis strain, famously the bacterium that causes plague. This ...
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Evolution of modern human behavior linked to the rounding of our brains

Sarah Sloat | 
In a study published [January 24] in Science Advances, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology announced that the earliest Homo sapiens did ...
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Racists are wrong: Both light and dark skin originated in Africa

Yasmin Tayag | 
[L]ong-held racist assumptions based on skin color have been scientifically proven wrong, according to a groundbreaking new study in the ...