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Understanding the war against GMOs

Genetic Literacy Project | 
I recently finished Robert Greene's marvelous book, The 33 Strategies of War--a 33 stage journey in destroying your enemies. As ...

GMKnow responds to mutagenesis challenge, claiming process is ‘natural’

Random Rationality | 
The proudly anti-GMO group, GMKnow, responded to the question I posed to them two days ago. I asked them why mutagenetic ...
px Nucleosome

Against lab made seeds? GMO critics give mutagenesis using radiation and chemicals free pass

Random Rationality | 
I got into a back-and-forth with GMKnow over on Twitter (you can read the exchange here). As is obvious from one look at their ...
GM Food

From anti-GMO to pro-science: ‘A Layman’s Guide to GMOs’

Genetic Literacy Project | 
In this week’s newsletter feature, Genetic Literacy Project guest contributor Fourat Janabi, author of The Lowdown on GMOs: According to ...

Fourat Janabi discusses his transformation from anti-GMO activist to supporter of GMOs

Green State TV | 
Fourat Janabi, author of "Random Rationality: a Rational Guide to an Irrational World," sat down with Green State TV to discuss ...

What do the creationist & anti-GMO platforms have in common?

Random Rationality | 
Creationists and the Anti-GMO crowd (hereafter referred to as anti’s) crowd share a foundational base. Creationism, or Intelligent Design (ID) ...

The lowdown on GMOs with Kevin Folta

Random Rationality | 
Plant geneticist Kevin Folta argues that "GMO debate" is entirely in the minds of campaigners; the science is settled as ...