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px Aedes aegypti biting human

Will the Zika crisis, genetically engineered mosquitos change minds about GMOs?

Pacific Standard | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. It's official: The World ...

Why ‘GMO-free’ and ‘antibiotic-free’ are worlds apart

Pacific Standard | 
Poultry giant Foster Farms announced it would cut back on the antibiotics it feeds to its chickens. This follows similar promises from Tyson ...

Kit creates accurate model of face from DNA sample

Popular Science | 
This winter, a biotechnology company began offering a whole new service to police departments. Virginia-based Parabon NanoLabs' Snapshot service allows ...

Reconstructing ancestors’ genomes using DNA data from descendants

Popular Science | 
David Speegle was a preacher in Alabama in the 1800s. Apparently he was very serious about the Bible's charge to ...

Lightning strikes donated energy to ‘primordial soup’ that became life

Popular Science | 
In the early 1950s, a chemist named Stanley Miller mixed up a bunch of gases including methane, ammonia and hydrogen. That's ...

Do epigenetics reports unfairly target mothers?

Popular Science | 
Epigenetics studies expand what scientists understand about human genetics. It's a very cool field. It's gathered some media attention, as ...

GM meat in development but politics, consumer concerns pose high hurdles

Popular Science | 
There are no genetically engineered animals sold for human consumption right now. The only candidate that's anywhere close, AquaBounty's fast-growing ...

After mapping human genome, scientists release catalog of proteins that help make them work

Popular Science | 
Two teams of scientists are publishing first drafts of the human proteome. The proteome is a catalog of all of ...

Lab grown burgers may be too pricey (and weird?) for mainstream market

Popular Science | 
Made with some breadcrumbs, egg, and 20,000 lab-grown cow muscle cells, the world's first lab-grown burger made its debut last ...

Why no treatment for mutation that causes alcohol-digesting enzyme deficiency in Asian populations?

Popular Science | 
Between the two of us, my roommate and I have the, uhh, digestive problems that are more common in people ...

Physician sees disorder for decade before genotyping can confirm genetic link

Popular Science | 
It was more than ten years ago that Dr. Tally Lerman-Sagie first saw babies with PCCA, a genetic disorder that ...

Fruit flies engineered to glow when they sense cancer

Popular Science | 
Fruit flies are able to distinguish breast cancer cells from healthy mammary tissue, according to a new study. The humble ...

Genetics in the Caribbean show marks of Atlantic slave trade

Popular Science | 
The Caribbean's complex history has given the area more than diverse languages and delicious food. The indigenous South Americans, Europeans ...

How a gene for fair skin spread across India

Popular Science | 
Cover Girl, Maybelline, are you listening? A new study of skin color in South Asians finds they have enormous diversity, ...

The science and troubling ethics of gene therapy

Popular Science | 
Why is progress on gene therapy—the treatment of genetic disorders by giving sick people doses of the healthy genes they ...

Mouse skin cells transformed into viable eggs, sperm, and baby mice

Popular Science | 
After a decade of work, the two biologists have developed a way to turn mice's skin cells into "pre-egg" and ...

Biologists engineer custom flu vaccine in a week

Popular Science | 
The following is an excerpt. A copy of the genetic code of an H7N9 avian flu—similar to, but not exactly ...

Laser zaps away cocaine addiction in genetically engineered rats

Popular Science | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Aiming laser light at the portion of the brain associated with impulse control could ...
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