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The Green Revolution

Land sparing or land sharing: How do we feed the world while protecting the environment?

Yale University | 
It is one of the biggest questions in conservation: Should we be sharing our landscapes with nature by reviving small ...

US overturns approval of sulfoxaflor, only neonicotinoid approved in EU

New Scientist | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. A worldwide dispute over ...

Bt brinjal poised to help farmers in Bengladesh, fears of critics fail to materialize

Any day now, a hundred Bangladeshi smallholder farmers will be planting their annual aubergine crop.  But this year this select ...
eggplants Was

GMO eggplant may unlock Asian food revolution, cut pesticide use, farmer deaths

New Scientist | 
The humble aubergine – you might call it eggplant or brinjal – may be about to unlock a food revolution ...

Human meddling will spur the evolution of new species

New Scientist | 
A decade ago, ecologist Chris Thomas warned that climate change would wipe out a quarter of all species. Now he ...
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