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4-29-2019 d x

Pushing for greater diversity in genetic databases by ending ‘cycle of disengagement’

Nature | 
For the past 30 years, human genomics has made exciting advances in reconstructing population history and identifying which genes make ...
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Turning brain signals into speech using artificial intelligence moves closer to reality

Nature | 
In an effort to provide a voice for people who can’t speak, neuroscientists have designed a device that can transform ...
MIT Brain Rhythms

Puzzling out how the brain turns electrical pulses into ‘thoughts, actions and emotions’

Nature | 
Neuroscientists have tried for decades to observe the swift electrical signals that are a major component of the brain’s language ...
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Evolution of walking: Primitive fish shows key nerves appeared 20 million years before land animals

Nature | 
The genes and nerve cells that allow people and other mammals to walk around can also be found in a ...
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Antibiotic use on farms could be cut by up to 80 percent globally, study finds

Science | 
Almost 80% of all antibiotics in the United States aren’t taken by people. They’re given to cows, pigs, and chickens ...