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These dietary supplements could slow your aging. But they might also increase your cancer risk.

Scientific American | 
As the world’s aging population grows rapidly, so has its appetite for health tips, tricks and products that could help ...
Neurons by Penn State

Scientists question brain’s ‘regenerative’ capacity to boost cognition or treat injury

Scientific American | 
The observation that the human brain churns out new neurons throughout life is one of the biggest neuroscience discoveries of ...
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Why electrical brain stimulation to enhance memory or relieve depression may not work

Scientific American | 
[S]cientists and hobbyists alike look for ways to change the activity of neurons without cutting into the brain and implanting ...

Figuring out what a memory looks like in the brain

Nature | 
[Janice] Chen and her colleagues found something odd when they scanned viewers’ brains: as different people retold their own versions ...

Is the ‘hug hormone’ key to reversing social skills deficits?

Nature | 
Oxytocin has been of keen interest to neuroscientists since the 1970s, when studies started to show that it could drive ...

Potential PTSD treatments to focus on individual genetic differences

Nature | 
Most people gradually recover from trauma, but a small fraction of individuals develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — prompting scientists ...

New brain cells can hurt learning ability

Nature | 
For anyone fighting to save old memories, a fresh crop of brain cells may be the last thing they need ...

“Gene surgery” may replace prescription pills

Nature | 
Instead of taking prescription pills to treat their ailments, patients may one day opt for genetic 'surgery' — using an ...
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Precision gene editing paves way for monkey models of genetic disease

Nature | 
A new precise technique for editing genes may allow researchers to to create genetically modified monkeys and develop treatments for ...

Stricter standards sought to curb stem-cell confusion

Nature | 
Pamela Robey is used to disappointing the scientists who send samples, anxious to know whether the mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) ...

California considers DNA privacy law

Scientific American | 
California lawmakers are weighing a bill aimed at protecting their state's citizens from surreptitious genetic testing but scientists are voicing ...
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