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epilepsy and ketogenic diet koreys story x

Can cutting out carbs treat epilepsy? The ketogenic diet as a drug

ScienceNorway | 
The ketogenic diet has actually been used in the treatment of epilepsy since the 1920s. It had been known that ...
low carb

Low-carb diets might help treat Alzheimer’s, ALS—and even cancer?

Science Nordic | 
[T]here is a growing interest in [Ketogenic] extreme high-fat diet among researchers. In 2019 alone, more than a thousand new ...
obesity bmi measurement e d ba fill x

Obesity gene? Suppressing this variant could be key to weight loss

Science Norway | 
More than five years ago, a group of researchers from Norway and several other countries found an important clue in ...
pryor superjumbo

No root cause: What if mental health symptoms are the actual disease?

ScienceNorway | 
“In the prevailing understanding of mental disorders, the premise is that an underlying cause exists,” says Sverre Urnes Johnson, associate ...
mesmerism what is animal magnetism and who is franz mesmer c d a c e

Birth of the placebo effect: How an 18th century doctor’s bogus animal magnetism treatment ‘cured’ patients

ScienceNorway | 
Word spread amongst the Parisian upper class in the late 18th century: A new man in town had a novel ...