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Viewpoint: GMOs pose ‘systemic threat to humanity’? Debunking Nassim Taleb’s apocalyptic assault on crop biotech

Daily Maverick | 
Nassim Taleb is a statistician and financial risk analyst. As interesting as his observations about the uncertain risk of large ...
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Never swayed by science? Why arguing with anti-GMO activists could strengthen their skepticism

Daily Maverick | 
Genetic engineering is revolutionizing crop farming, bringing benefits to farmers, the environment and consumer health. Its opponents, however, are not ...

Viewpoint: How activists ‘hijacked’ the regulatory system in obsession to ban even safe agro-chemicals

Daily Maverick | 
Find something, anything, that the lay public might be convinced is dangerous. Ideally, it should have a scary-sounding name, and ...

Are romantic notions about organic agriculture harming the environment?

Daily Maverick | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. It is one of ...

Embracing the potential and facing the fears of radical advances in genetic engineering

Daily Maverick | 
Companies like Synthorx, DNA 2.0 and Cambrian are capitalising on last year’s development of synthetic DNA. Scientists for the first time created living DNA ...

South Africa: Unwarranted environmental fears hurts emerging economies

Africa in Fact | 
Exaggerated environmental claims—a “crying wolf” phenomenon—are counterproductive to environmental protection. They bring about misguided public policies that actively harm economies, ...
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