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meat vs plants

Vegans vs. Meat Eaters: When it comes to nutrition, the ‘what’s better’ debate has gone off the rails

Gordon Wright | 
The vegan vs meat eater farce has become a complete circus. The cruel irony is that by confusing ideology at ...
taleb large

Viewpoint: GMOs pose ‘systemic threat to humanity’? Debunking Nassim Taleb’s apocalyptic assault on crop biotech

Ivo Vegter | 
Nassim Taleb is a statistician and financial risk analyst. As interesting as his observations about the uncertain risk of large ...
GMO protester e

Never swayed by science? Why arguing with anti-GMO activists could strengthen their skepticism

Ivo Vegter | 
Genetic engineering is revolutionizing crop farming, bringing benefits to farmers, the environment and consumer health. Its opponents, however, are not ...

Viewpoint: How activists ‘hijacked’ the regulatory system in obsession to ban even safe agro-chemicals

Ivo Vegter | 
Find something, anything, that the lay public might be convinced is dangerous. Ideally, it should have a scary-sounding name, and ...

Are romantic notions about organic agriculture harming the environment?

Ivo Vegter | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. It is one of ...

As bugs become resistant to Bt maize in South Africa, new practices needed to delay resistence

Andrea Teagle | 
In the case of maize, the GM crops planted and consumed in South Africa are known as Bt-crops, so named ...

Embracing the potential and facing the fears of radical advances in genetic engineering

Ivo Vegter | 
Companies like Synthorx, DNA 2.0 and Cambrian are capitalising on last year’s development of synthetic DNA. Scientists for the first time created living DNA ...