Vegans vs. Meat Eaters: When it comes to nutrition, the ‘what’s better’ debate has gone off the rails

meat vs plants

The vegan vs meat eater farce has become a complete circus.

The cruel irony is that by confusing ideology at the expense of ecology, everyone is assisting with the destruction of our planet while trying to save it.

The basic facts are very simple. Human beings are biologically designed to be omnivores, our whole makeup and design, dental structure and gut, all the way to our digestive system all prove, without any shadow of a doubt, that the human body is designed to extract maximum nutrition from multiple food sources and types. Both meat and vegetables. There can be no debate about it.

How we produce this food and what the knock-on effects on the plants, animals and insects as well as the environment and ecosystems, not to mention our bodies and health are? Now that is debatable and worthy of discussion.


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It is a sign of colossal urban ignorance if you believe that cooking your organic kale with palm oil, whose fossil-fuel dependent, pesticide-driven farming that has resulted in the death of everything from orangutans to bees to topsoil and water, is a “green” food choice.

What we need to do is support the farmers who farm better and are more in tune with our planet, whether it be animal or vegetable.


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