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valentines dead roses

Viewpoint: Don’t expect genetic matchmaking to help you find your Valentine

Scientific American | 
Genetic matchmaking is entering the mainstream. The prospect of meeting and selecting potential romantic partners based upon purported DNA compatibility ...
is persistent vegetative state patient icu x

Some patients in vegetative states have functioning minds. Keeping them alive may amount to ‘torture’

[Researchers] have convincingly demonstrated that a subset of individuals in persistent vegetative states have meaningfully functioning minds — even as ...

Viewpoint: Most Americans ‘woefully underprepared’ for bioethical decisions, including when to remove a loved one from life support

Scientific American | 
Many Americans will face some form of significant medical decision-making during their lifetimes, either for themselves or for their loved ...
how trauma can lead to depression x

Why psychiatrists should stop ‘looking the other way’ when confronted with faked mental illness

The act of feigning illness for personal gain, or malingering, is far more widespread than the public might suspect ...