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Viewpoint: US spends huge on cancer medicine but doesn’t have a lot to show for it

Scientific American | 
The aggressive, can-do American approach to health care isn’t working when it comes to medicine in general and cancer medicine ...
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‘Genealogical anxiety’ and why questioning the genesis of your core beliefs ‘can liberate you’

Scientific American | 
I recently encountered a term for a syndrome that has bugged me since childhood: genealogical anxiety. The phrase was coined by ...
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Experiencing self-awareness: How children discover who they are

Scientific American | 
[I remember] when I first became self-conscious, aware of myself as something weird, distinct from the rest of the world, ...
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Viewpoint: Aggressive US approach to cancer doing ‘more harm than good’

Scientific American | 
To paraphrase [author and oncologist Siddhartha] Mukherjee, testing represents an inversion—or perversion--of the Hippocratic oath to do no harm. A ...
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Mind or matter? How consciousness in the universe could be ‘eternal’

Scientific American | 
Which is more fundamental, mind or matter? You would think, in our ultra-materialistic era, that debate would be settled. But ...
Traits Of Alpha Males

Viewpoint: Are women instinctually attracted to dominant men?

Scientific American | 
[Anthropologist Richard Wrangham writes:] Women don’t like many specific acts of demonic males. But paradoxically, many women do regularly find ...

Gay conversion? Grotesque brain implants used to try to ‘cure’ homosexuality

Scientific American | 
[Editor's note: John Horgan directs the Center for Science Writings at the Stevens Institute of Technology.] Homosexuality has been treated with lobotomies, ...

Blind faith: Do we place too much confidence in cancer tests?

Scientific American | 
My previous post presented data showing that the PSA test for prostate cancer harms more men than it helps...[However,] many ...

‘World’s smartest physicist’ believes consciousness will remain unsolvable

Scientific American | 
Some mind-ponderers...argue that consciousness is unsolvable. Philosopher Owen Flanagan calls these pessimists “mysterians,” after the 60’s-era rock group “Question Mark ...
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Are Olympic athletes using ‘gene doping’ to improve performance?

Scientific American | 
The World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA, which advises the Olympics and other sports organizations on illicit performance-enhancement, has accused Russia of ...

NY Times article sparks call for greater ethical awareness in science journalism

Scientific American | 
Major media, New York Times included, have a history of hyping up what turned out to be erroneous claims linking complex ...