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Viewpoint: Experts need to engage, educate the public on benefits of animal gene editing

AgWeb | 
Gene editing shows considerable potential for improving animal health and welfare and food safety while reducing dependence on antimicrobials and ...
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Regulations based on ‘spurious, undocu­mented risks’ keeping GMO and gene-edited foods from consumers, report says

Drovers | 
Scientists continue to make advancements in biotechnology, while private and public entities invest in development of technologies to enhance agriculture ...

Projecting agricultural impacts of climate change, can GM crops help?

Drovers Cattle Network | 
In a summer like this, as we watch crop conditions wither in record-setting heat and dry conditions, we might wonder ...

Unraveling the corn genome

Drovers Cattle Network | 
Corn has come a long way in 8,000 years, and genetic progress is poised to accelerate further as scientists gain ...