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‘Bee safe’ pesticides that replaced neonicotinoids may harm pollinators, activist-funded study finds

Independent | 
New pesticides regarded as “bee safe” could actually be causing harm to these vital pollinators when combined with other chemicals ...
2-27-2019 abc wn neanderthal wg

Far from ape-like: Neanderthals walked upright, just like us

Independent | 
Neanderthals walked with an upright posture just like modern humans, according to a new analysis. Over the years, reconstructions of ancient ...

Federal regulators ask biotech experts if GMO trees should be deployed to save ‘dying’ US forests

Independent | 
Plans are under way to plant swathes of genetically engineered trees across the ailing forests of North America in a bid to save them ...

Ancient human species with orange-sized brain could have possessed modern human intelligence

Independent | 
An ancient species of human with a brain no larger than an orange may have possessed intelligence to rival that ...
biophotovoltaics alex driver carlos peralta

How living GMO algae could electrify rural Africa

Independent | 
Fuel cells powered by living algae that are five times more efficient than current models, have been designed by scientists ...
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