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‘Bee safe’ pesticides that replaced neonicotinoids may harm pollinators, activist-funded study finds

Josh Gabbatiss | 
New pesticides regarded as “bee safe” could actually be causing harm to these vital pollinators when combined with other chemicals ...
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Far from ape-like: Neanderthals walked upright, just like us

Josh Gabbatiss | 
Neanderthals walked with an upright posture just like modern humans, according to a new analysis. Over the years, reconstructions of ancient ...

Federal regulators ask biotech experts if GMO trees should be deployed to save ‘dying’ US forests

Josh Gabbatiss | 
Plans are under way to plant swathes of genetically engineered trees across the ailing forests of North America in a bid to save them ...

Using AI to predict evolution of cancer tumors could lead to stronger treatments

Jennifer Cockerell | 
Scientists have used artificial intelligence to predict how cancers will progress and evolve, which could help doctors design the most effective treatment for each ...

Ancient human species with orange-sized brain could have possessed modern human intelligence

Josh Gabbatiss | 
An ancient species of human with a brain no larger than an orange may have possessed intelligence to rival that ...
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Ancient art may have been created by people with autistic traits, study suggests

David Keys | 
Much of the world’s earliest great art is likely to have been created by gifted early humans on the autism ...

Leukemia defense: Y-chromosome offers ‘extra layer of protection’

Alex Matthews-King | 
Scientists have discovered the first example of a gene that is only found in one sex and provides protection against ...
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Estonia launches genetic-testing program for 8% of its population

Chris Baynes | 
The Estonian government is to collect the DNA of 100,000 citizens to provide them with personalised health and lifestyle advice ...
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Double mastectomy improves prospects for patients with BRCA1 mutation but not BRCA2, study finds

Alex Matthews-King | 
Women with a mutant gene that increases their risk of breast cancer can increase their life expectancy with a radical ...
Cancer chemotherapy

Immunotherapy mystery: Drugs treat ovarian cancer ‘when they should not have’

Gina Kolata | 
[Four women with rare ovarian cancer], strangers to one another living in different countries, asked their doctors to try new ...
human eggs

Lab-grown human eggs may offer hope for the infertile

Alex Matthews-King | 
In a landmark development, scientists have been able to replicate the process where egg cells mature in the ovaries outside ...
genetic engineering on humans x

CRISPR could be the answer to genetic engineering’s prayers

Antoine Danchin | 
Since its introduction four decades ago, genetic engineering has been a source of high hopes for health, agriculture, and industry ...
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How living GMO algae could electrify rural Africa

Josh Gabbatiss | 
Fuel cells powered by living algae that are five times more efficient than current models, have been designed by scientists ...
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Why are children picky eaters? Genetics may play key role

Sabrina Barr | 
Children who are picky eaters may have their genetics to blame, a study claims. Researchers from the University of Illinois in ...

How our autistic ancestors helped shape human evolution

Penny Spikins | 
[W]hen we talk about the autism spectrum – we are all “a bit autistic” – and we all fit somewhere ...
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New rice variety that grows in salty water could feed millions in China

Ben Kentish | 
Scientists in China have developed several types of rice that can be grown in seawater, potentially creating enough food for ...
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Breast cancer linked to 65 newly-found genetic variants

Andrew Griffin | 
Women who have a strong family history of breast cancer have double the chance of developing it themselves. But the ...
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Alzheimer’s memory loss may be reversible, after all

Olivia Petter | 
Symptoms of Alzheimer’s affecting patient’s memories could be reversed, new research from MIT indicates. It might be possible to break down the ...

Man’s best friend: Evolutionary history of dogs could shed light on cancer, epilepsy in both species

Ian Johnston | 
An evolutionary tree of more than 161 dog breeds has been mapped out by geneticists, showing which types are closely ...
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Unreliable science? Scores of mice studies may be tainted because of standard handling practice

Ian Johnston | 
Scores of scientific studies based on mice are being called into question because their behaviour is affected by the way ...
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Evolutionary tradeoffs: Genes linked to autism may persist because they make us smarter

John von Radowitz | 
Autism genes may have been conserved during human evolution because they make us smarter, say scientists. More inherited genetic variants ...
overeating christmas

Tired of overeating? ‘Fullness’ gene could lead to appetite-supressing drug

Katie Forster | 
Scientists claim to have discovered a gene that triggers a feeling of fullness and could help prevent the urge to ...

Want a better workout? Company says DNA profiling could help, but scientists skeptical

Kashmira Gander | 
[Genetic information] is being harnessed to help both athletes and the average Joe achieve their fitness potentials. ... [H]ealth firm ...
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Three-person IVF receives historic approval in UK

Katie Forster | 
The first ‘three-parent’ babies could be born in the UK next year following a historic decision giving the controversial new fertility ...
Swiss cheese cubes

Desire to eat cheese may come from genetic wiring

Sarah Young | 
According to a new study, [you may want to eat lots of cheese] not just because you’re a glutton, it ...
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Genes from mother may influence intelligence in child more than father’s

Charlotte England | 
Women are more likely to transmit intelligence genes to their children because they are carried on the X chromosome and ...

Will gene editing lead to ‘biohackers’ creating biological weapons?

Ian Johnston | 
The security services are concerned that ‘biohackers’ — groups of ordinary people who use genome editing techniques to alter lifeforms ...
father bonding with baby

Lead discoverer of ‘three-parent baby’ method breaks 13 year silence—affrms technique’s safety

Ian Johnston | 
When scientists announced in 2003 they had used a pioneering technique for the first time to create so-called ‘three-parent babies’, ...