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dog looks at face

Dogs don’t seem to care much about human faces, counterintuitive study finds

Science News | 
Dogs’ brains aren’t especially impressed by faces, either those of other dogs, or of people, a new study suggests. People’s brains ...
year old bra vj brain jpg

Redrawing the line between life and brain death

Science News | 
Brain death has been a recognized concept in medicine for decades. But there’s a lot of variation in how people ...

‘The Idea of the Brain’: Book explores the struggle to understand the human brain

Science News | 
Neuroscientists love a good metaphor. Through the years, plumbing, telegraph wires and computers have all been enlisted to help explain ...
unnamed file

Experiments on living brain tissue unearth ‘ethical quandaries’

Science News | 
Live bits of brain look like any other piece of meat —  pinkish, solid chunks of neural tissue. But unlike ...
ls robot feat x

This robotic face will wince if you hit it. How does it process pain?

Science News | 
Sensors embedded in soft, artificial skin that can detect both a gentle touch and a painful thump have been hooked ...
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Dementia’s ‘biological weak spot’: A single mutation helped this woman evade Alzheimer’s for decades

Science News | 
A cruel twist of genetic fate brought Alzheimer’s disease to a sprawling Colombian family. But thanks to a second twist, ...
birth control pills custom e abc fc f af d f dd c ff f s c

Does the pill cause depression? Why its too soon to be worried

Science News | 
“Does the pill cause depression?” the news headline asked. Prompted by a recent study that described a link between taking birth ...
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Single dose of ketamine could weaken the desire to drink beer

Science News | 
A single dose of ketamine may cut down problematic drinking. Taken in the right context, the hallucinogenic drug may be able ...
ps measles child x

Measles wreaks havoc on body’s immune system, making it susceptible to other infections, study shows

Science News | 
Measles wages war on cells of the immune system. Now two tallies of the carnage, described in the Nov. 1 Science and Science ...
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Potential problem with lab-grown mini-brains: They’re ‘stressed-out and confused’

Science News | 
Brain cells grown into clumps in flasks are totally stressed-out and confused. Cells in these clumps have ambiguous identities and ...
older man resting in an armchair

Alzheimer’s disease and drowsiness: Link could help us determine where the disease first attacks the brain

Science News | 
Alzheimer’s disease destroys command centers in the brain that keep people awake. That finding could explain why the disease often ...
brain inline slices

What makes us human? These pieces of donated brain tissue may offer answers

Science News | 
Half an hour earlier, this piece of neural tissue was tucked inside a 41-year-old woman’s head, on her left side, ...
unnamed file

‘Immune amnesia’: Why measles makes you more vulnerable to infections that cause pneumonia, ear infections, diarrhea

Science News | 
The most iconic thing about measles is the rash — red, livid splotches that make infection painfully visible. But that ...
3-26-2019 x ketamine depression

Viewpoint: Esketamine promises to boost depression treatments—but we don’t know enough about long-term effects

Science News | 
With great fanfare, a new antidepressant entered the U.S. market in March [2019], the first fundamentally new medicine for depression ...
2-14-2019 mood zap inline

Brain implants could soon join fight against severe depression

Science News | 
With powerful computational methods, scientists have recently zeroed in on some key features of depressed brains. Those hallmarks include certain ...
2-4-2019 x gum disease symptoms and treatments features

Does gum disease causes Alzheimer’s? We are a long way from an answer, researcher says

Science News | 
Do you floss regularly? A study published January 23 in Science Advances — and the news stories that it inspired — might ...
ls braintech feat

Peering into the brain: New technology allows unprecedented access to brain cells

Science News | 
By mixing and matching powerful advances in microscopy and cell biology, researchers have imaged intricate details of individual nerve cells ...

Can loneliness and isolation damage the brain?

Science News | 
Mice yanked out of their community and held in solitary isolation show signs of brain damage. After a month of ...

Good news for young pot-muddled brains. Study shows impairment is reversible

Science News | 
Taking a monthlong break from pot helps clear away young people’s memory fog, a small study suggests. The results show ...

Mystery of the mind: How autism got its start in the developing brain

Science News | 
Here are some of the key points [neuroscientist Kevin] Pelphrey made on how autism may get its start in the ...
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Stressed out? It could alter your sperm

Science News | 
Sperm from stressed-out dads can carry that stress from one generation to another. “But one question that really hasn’t been ...

Brain ‘flexibility’ could help explain why people learn differently

Science News | 
As a person learns, connections between brain regions can change. Some neural partners connect, then split apart […]; others form ...

Depression gene search disappoints

Science News | 
A massive effort to uncover genes involved in depression has largely failed. By combing through the DNA of 34,549 volunteers, ...
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