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‘Science diplomacy’: What the Cold War can teach Africa about battling hunger with GM crops

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
It can be said the main problems facing the world are international in nature. No country can stand up today ...
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African farmers yearn for biotechnology in the face of climate change

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Southern Africa is on the receiving end of the devastating impact of climate change, driving millions into hunger. A record ...
Pompeo bill would preempt state GMO labeling strict xxl

Zambian food makers directed to label GMO products

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
Zambia’s National Biosafety Authority (NBA) has directed food producers to clearly label products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) so that ...
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Severe drought threatens food security in sub–Saharan Africa

Cornell Alliance for Science | 
The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly severe in sub-Saharan Africa, where millions of people are facing severe food ...