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Chinese lead world in genetic rice research but government limits success

South China Morning Post | 
Angel or demon, transgenic crops have become one of the "frontier technologies" that China is determined to embrace. In contrast ...

Safety certificates for Chinese GM crops expire, with no sign of renewal

South China Morning Post | 
Safety certificates for the only homegrown experimental genetically modified staple food crops to have the credentials expired yesterday, with no ...

China cracks down against illegal GM crop testing at corporations and research centers

South China Morning Post | 
The continued illegal sale of genetically modified (GM) food in parts of China has prompted the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) ...

China’s ‘father’ of conventional hybrid rice says ‘GM is the future’

South China Morning Post | 
China's "father of hybrid rice," Yuan Longping, says he is working with researchers on rice that has been genetically modified ...