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Impossible Foods cuts prices 20% in bid to make plant-based meat ‘mainstream’

Impossible Foods cuts prices 20% in bid to make plant-based meat ‘mainstream’

Daniel Ren | 
Impossible Foods, the California-based producer of plant-based meat that counts Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing as an investor, has announced ...
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CRISPR has brought pig-to-human organ transplants to the cusp of reality

Coco Feng | 
In a study published [September 21] in the Nature Biomedical Engineering journal, the researchers said they used CRISPR–Cas9 and a combination of other ...
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‘The fittest among us?’: Why are preteens at lowest risk from coronavirus?

Anjali Hazari | 
Although the estimation of mortality and morbidity rates caused by pandemics is fraught with difficulty, a trend seems to emerge ...
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‘Magnetic skin’ turns your body into a remote control, opening doors and controlling lights with a wave of the hand

Iris Deng | 
A Saudi research team has developed a ‘magnetic skin’ that can open a door or control a switch remotely with ...
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Sleepless nights could dampen body’s ability to repair DNA, avoid genetic diseases

Elizabeth Cheung | 
Sleep deprivation can damage DNA and the body’s ability to repair this, possibly leading to higher chances of genetic diseases ...

CRISPR ‘super-soldiers?’ Why we need international gene-editing rules

Bryan Galvan | 
Within this century, human beings will be capable of changing their genes to modify traits like intelligence, or even instincts ...

Salt-resistant rice shows promise for turning Middle East deserts into productive paddies

Nectar Gan | 
Chinese scientists have successfully grown and harvested rice in the deserts of Dubai after developing a strain that allows the ...
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Black market GM cotton seeds flood Chinese market, cutting pesticide use and boosting yields

Stephen Chen | 
China is one of the world’s top cotton producers partly because of a widespread sowing of banned seeds, according to ...

Rice production could increase 33% with GM super-sized grains

Stephen Chen | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion, and analysis. A newly discovered gene ...

China develops non-GMO vitamin enhanced “golden scallop” that could address malnutrition

Stephen Chen | 
Chinese scientists have developed the world's first golden scallop in what they say could be a major advancement in reducing ...
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Genetically modified rice could help address China’s smog problems

Stephen Chen | 
Chinese scientists have found a way to change the genetic make-up of a popular species of rice, a move they ...

Why does science denialism persist, and how is it harming society?

Alex Lo | 
The March issue of National Geographic raises many intriguing questions about the world we live in today. It also has a particular ...

Chinese lead world in genetic rice research but government limits success

Mandy Zuo | 
Angel or demon, transgenic crops have become one of the "frontier technologies" that China is determined to embrace. In contrast ...

China extends permits on GM rice and corn research

Stephen Chen | 
The government has renewed permits allowing scientists to grow three varieties of genetically modified rice and corn in China, more ...

Unfounded fears about GMO crops stunts China advancement

Mark Lynas | 
Mark Lynas, journalist and environmentalist, says unfounded fears about genetically modified crops prevent China from making full use of science ...

Safety certificates for Chinese GM crops expire, with no sign of renewal

Mandy Zuo | 
Safety certificates for the only homegrown experimental genetically modified staple food crops to have the credentials expired yesterday, with no ...

China lifts ban on prenatal genetic testing

Angela Meng | 
The mainland has lifted the controversial ban on medical diagnostic products that can help detect birth defects in unborn children ...

China cracks down against illegal GM crop testing at corporations and research centers

Mandy Zuo | 
The continued illegal sale of genetically modified (GM) food in parts of China has prompted the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) ...

China’s ‘father’ of conventional hybrid rice says ‘GM is the future’

Mandy Zuo | 
China's "father of hybrid rice," Yuan Longping, says he is working with researchers on rice that has been genetically modified ...

GMOs key for future, according to China’s ‘father of hybrid rice’

Jeremy Blum | 
Yuan Longping, the “father of hybrid rice,” recently spoke about his ongoing research into genetically modified food production, calling the ...

On the verge of stem cell “cure” for macular degeneration

Jeanette Wang | 
Sufferers of an incurable form of a common age-related eye disease that leads to blindness could soon be cured, thanks ...

Chinese general claims ‘Western conspiracy’ promoting GMOs

Patrick Boehler | 
A Chinese general has added fuel to the already heated debate over the increasing amount of genetically modified (GM) food ...

China must switch to growing GM food before it’s too late

Stephen Chen | 
A leading agricultural scientist's unusually frank endorsement of growing genetically modified food has reignited a debate over whether the country ...

Speedy soybean approvals revive fears in China about GE food

Olivia Rosenman | 
The following is an edited excerpt.  The Ministry of Agriculture's recent approval of imports of three new kinds of genetically ...
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