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Podcast: Wild plants help protect key food crops from climate change, disease

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Call it a tale of science and derring-do. An international team of researchers has spent six years fanning across the ...
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How does a 4,000-year-old meal taste? Pretty good, according to recreated Babylonian recipes

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What did a meal taste like nearly 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylonia? Pretty good, according to a team of ...
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Podcast: Animal-free, GMO ice cream could start a food revolution. But how does it taste?

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The realm of plant-based meat substitutes has gotten a lot of buzz lately. Think the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat ...
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Podcast: Will meat lovers embrace plant-based ‘Impossible’ burgers?

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How do you convince a carnivore to eat a burger that doesn't have any meat? There are a few companies ...
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Dangers of Dumbassery: Scientists challenge Food Babe Vani Hari as ‘fearmonger’

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One of the highest-profile of these new food crusaders is Vani Hari, better known by her online moniker, Food Babe ...

Surprise: Organic apples and pears aren’t free of antibiotics

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The following is an excerpt. Apples and especially pears are vulnerable to a nasty bacterial infection called fire blight that, ...
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To battle blight, organic apple farmers use antibiotics

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Organic farms' use of antibiotics to fight bacterial infections raises questions about labeling transparency and greener alternatives ...

Did Congress just give GMOs a free pass?

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The following is an excerpt. Tucked inside a short-term funding measure that Congress approved Thursday is a provision that critics ...