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California investigates pesticide safety limits for marijuana, fearing users exposed to ‘unsafe’ chemical levels

Sammy Caiola | 
Starting this January, California cannabis users can get a $20 gift card by anonymously sharing their consumption habits with a ...
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CRISPR-based cancer therapy passes first test with ‘encouraging’ results

Rob Stein | 
The powerful gene-editing technique known as CRISPR has raised a lot of hope in recent years for its potential to offer new ...
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Ben & Jerry’s faces activist lawsuit alleging false advertising of sustainable farming practices

John Dillon | 
A Vermont clean water activist has filed a lawsuit claiming Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc. and Unilever, its corporate parent, ...
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Controversial DNA tests promise to match patients with correct psychiatric drugs. And now some insurers are paying for them

Graison Dangor | 
As a teenager, Katie Gruman was prescribed one mental health drug after another. None seemed to help her manage symptoms ...
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Mystery illness leads boy’s family on lengthy quest for genetic answers that ends ‘after a lucky accident’

Richard Harris | 
When Alex Yiu was born 14 years ago, he seemed like a typical healthy kid. But when he turned 2, ...

Pepsi, Target incentivize crop diversity on US farms to cut fertilizer pollution

Rachel Cernansky | 
There is a swath of the Gulf of Mexico that's virtually devoid of life because algae blooms have choked out ...
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‘Neither animal nor plant’: Smart, brainless ‘blob’ gets home at Paris zoo

Emma Bowman, Scott Simon | 
A brainless, bright-yellow organism that can solve mazes and heal itself is making its debut at a Paris zoo. … ...
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Trump Administration proposes DNA collection from immigrants crossing the border for database of asylum seekers

Bobby Allyn, Joel Rose | 
The Justice Department is proposing to begin collecting DNA samples from hundreds of thousands of immigrants crossing the border, creating ...
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Podcast: Genes from long-lost cows could introduce important diversity into US dairy cattle

Chad Dechow, Dan Charles | 
Chad Dechow, a geneticist at Pennsylvania State University who studies dairy cows, is explaining how all of America's cows ended ...

Podcast: Food companies employ climate modeling to safeguard key crops as planet warms

Dan Charles | 
Every year, the company Ingredion buys millions of tons of corn and cassava from farmers and turns them into starches ...
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CRISPR gene editing raises hopes of easing the pain associated with sickle cell disease

[Sickle cell] disease is caused by a genetic defect that turns red blood cells into hard, sticky, sickle-shaped cells that don't ...

Podcast: Orthorexia—The ‘clean eating’ disorder scientists are just beginning to study

April Fulton | 
Whether it's gluten-free, dairy-free, raw food, or all-organic, many people these days are committed to so-called "clean eating" — the ...

Honeybees, varroa mites and pesticides: Entomologist explains what you need to know

[O]n Florida Matters, we talk with Jamie Ellis, Professor of Entomology and director of honey bee research at the University ...
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Dutch farmers cause 700-mile traffic jam in tractor protest of proposed livestock emissions rules

Merrit Kennedy | 
Thousands of Dutch farmers rolled their tractors over highways to The Hague to protest a possible crackdown on nitrogen emissions ...
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Roundup on trial: Glyphosate-cancer legal battle threatens US farm exports

Rachel Cramer | 
Earlier [in September], a second Wyoming man filed a federal lawsuit against the agribusiness giant, Monsanto. It’s one of more ...
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New device mass-produces ‘primitive’ human embryos for research

Rob Stein | 
Scientists have invented a device that can quickly produce large numbers of living entities that resemble very primitive human embryos ...
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Podcast: Wasps from China could help combat spotted lanternflies threatening US vineyards

Dan Charles | 
The spotted lanternfly, Lycorma delicatula, first showed up in the United States five years ago, right here in Berks County, ...
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Controversial CRISPR-edited sperm experiment seeks to reduce risk for breast, ovarian, prostate cancers

Rob Stein | 
Reproductive biologists at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City are attempting to use the powerful gene-editing technique called CRISPR ...
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Podcast: Animal-free, GMO ice cream could start a food revolution. But how does it taste?

Maria Godoy | 
The realm of plant-based meat substitutes has gotten a lot of buzz lately. Think the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat ...
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Stronger diversity among genetic counselors could help bridge health gap with minority groups

Erika Stallings | 
As genetics' role in medicine expands, diversity among providers is crucial, say people working in the field. "It is well ...
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Sickle cell patient first to receive experimental CRISPR treatment in the US for a genetic disorder

Rob Stein | 
For the first time, doctors in the U.S. have used the powerful gene-editing technique CRISPR to try to treat a ...
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Precision medicine dampened by lack of diversity in gene research pool

Pien Huang, Sandra Soo-Jin Lee. | 
[Anthropologist and bioethicist Sandra Soo-Jin Lee] recently wrote about ethics in personalized medicine research for Science magazine, and we spoke ...
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‘Talking To Robots’: Book takes ‘funny and broad’ look at a fully automated future

Adam Frank | 
In the decade or so since Siri and her compatriots first appeared, we've all gotten pretty used to having conversations ...
flying people sitting public transportation

Why do we act so weird on airplanes? There may be a scientific explanation for rampant emotions

Josh Axelrod | 
Lady Gaga fills the tiny back-of-seat airplane screen. Then, (spoiler alert) A Star Is Born's tragic ending ensues and the ...

Controversial herbicide dicamba damaging some non-GMO soybean research plots in Midwest

Dan Charles | 
Something strange is happening to Pengyin Chen's soybean experiments at the University of Missouri's Fisher Delta Research Center in Portageville, ...
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Why we aren’t ready for routine genetic sequencing of newborns: It can ‘raise unsettling questions’

Richard Harris | 
Scientists have found that, so far, a complete genetic readout would be a poor substitute for the traditional blood test ...
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Artificial embryos made from stem cells could shed light on infertility, miscarriages and birth defects

Rob Stein | 
Scientists have created living entities that resemble very primitive human embryos, the most advanced example of these structures yet created ...
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Mutations have turned our bodies into a mosaic of cellular variations

Richard Harris | 
Your body has about 40 trillion cells, and they all arose from a single fertilized egg. But it turns out ...