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‘This has never happened before’: CDC ‘conspicuously silent’ during coronavirus outbreak

NPR | 
At a time when the nation is desperate for authoritative information about the coronavirus pandemic, the country's foremost agency for ...
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Podcast: Cataloguing every human cell in the quest to build ‘Human Cell Atlas’

NPR | 
SCOTT SIMON, HOST: Your body has around 37 trillion cells - no, really, we've counted, all bodies do, including BJ ...
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Eyeing mutations and evolution at the single cell level

NPR | 
Genetic mutations are the driving force of evolution, and now scientists have managed to study the effect of mutations in ...

No offense, but you’re not that (genetically) different from yeast

NPR | 
Rip open a little package of baker's yeast from the supermarket, peer inside, and you'll see your distant cousin. That's ...

Microorganism bridges gap in evolutionary timeline between simple and complex cells

NPR | 
Scientists have discovered a group of microbes at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean that could provide new clues to ...

Humans’ impact on the earth may have opened up a whole new geological epoch

NPR | 
Humans have had such a huge impact on the Earth that some geologists think the human era should be enshrined ...

Ancient shell may contain oldest human engravings yet discovered

NPR | 
Scientists have discovered enigmatic markings on an ancient shell that's been sitting in a museum for more than a century ...

Are lab-made pathogens too dangerous to be allowed in research?

NPR | 
A smoldering debate about whether researchers should ever deliberately create super flu strains and other risky germs in the interest ...

Why scientists held back genetic details of a unique botulinum toxin

NPR | 
Scientists have discovered the first new form of botulinum toxin in over 40 years, but they're taking the unusual step ...