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$3 million per person price tag set on first gene therapy for hemophilia expected ready this fall

NPR | 
"It's been absolutely brilliant and life-changing for me," says [Jack] Grehan, 26, of Billinge in North West England. He received ...

1 year later, first gene edited sickle cell patient is functionally cured

NPR | 
She's the first person with a genetic disorder to get treated in the United States with the revolutionary gene-editing technique ...
reverse genetic blindness crispr

Targeting blindness with CRISPR: Doctors attempt first editing of genes inside a human body

NPR | 
For the first time, scientists have used the gene-editing technique CRISPR to try to edit a gene while the DNA ...
pma insemination

‘Simpler, cheaper’ alternative to IVF promised by controversial embryo research

NPR | 
Researchers have conducted a controversial study that involved paying dozens of young women at a hospital near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, ...
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Podcast: A closer look at the CRISPR experiment that could cure sickle cell disease

NPR | 
Victoria Gray, 34, of Forest, Miss., volunteered for one of the most anticipated medical experiments in decades: the first attempt ...
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CRISPR-based cancer therapy passes first test with ‘encouraging’ results

NPR | 
The powerful gene-editing technique known as CRISPR has raised a lot of hope in recent years for its potential to offer new ...
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New device mass-produces ‘primitive’ human embryos for research

NPR | 
Scientists have invented a device that can quickly produce large numbers of living entities that resemble very primitive human embryos ...
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Controversial CRISPR-edited sperm experiment seeks to reduce risk for breast, ovarian, prostate cancers

NPR | 
Reproductive biologists at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City are attempting to use the powerful gene-editing technique called CRISPR ...
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Sickle cell patient first to receive experimental CRISPR treatment in the US for a genetic disorder

NPR | 
For the first time, doctors in the U.S. have used the powerful gene-editing technique CRISPR to try to treat a ...
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Artificial embryos made from stem cells could shed light on infertility, miscarriages and birth defects

NPR | 
Scientists have created living entities that resemble very primitive human embryos, the most advanced example of these structures yet created ...
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Fighting mosquitoes with gene editing, fungus and a spider gene

NPR | 
In the hope of finding a new way to fight malaria, scientists have used a spider gene to genetically engineer ...
5-29-2019 zolgensma

$2.1 million gene therapy is most expensive drug in history

NPR | 
The federal Food and Drug Administration has approved a gene therapy for a rare childhood disorder that is now the ...
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Video: Weaponizing CRISPR against superbugs

NPR | 
Bladder infections, like many others, are increasingly becoming resistant to antibiotics. "We are getting to the point where there are ...
crispr opens the way for a new method of treatment genomic surgery

CRISPR ‘moving out of the lab’ in first US cancer trial

NPR | 
We've finally reached the moment when CRISPR is moving out of the lab and into the clinic around the world ...

Science summit calls gene-edited babies ‘deeply disturbing’ but rejects moratorium on similar research

NPR | 
A Chinese scientist's claims that he created the world's first gene-edited babies is a "deeply disturbing" and "irresponsible" violation of ...
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Delayed onset: Damage from Zika can appear up to a year after birth

NPR | 
Since Zika emerged as a threat to babies, it has been a mystery exactly how much of a danger the ...
dr zukin with three parent baby born in kiev x

Inside the Ukrainian clinic creating controversial ‘3 parent’ babies

NPR | 
In a clinic on a side street in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, doctors are doing something that, as far ...

China pushes ahead in race to treat cancer with CRISPR gene editing

NPR | 
Shaorong Deng is sitting up in bed at the Hangzhou Cancer Hospital waiting for his doctor. Thin and frail, the ...
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Low-fat CRISPR gene-edited pigs could reduce animal suffering and costs

NPR | 
Here's something that may sound like a contradiction in terms: low-fat pigs. But that's exactly what Chinese scientists have created ...
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First gene therapy for inherited disease–combating blindness–approved by FDA panel

NPR | 
Gene therapy, which has had a roller-coaster history of high hopes and devastating disappointments, took an important step forward Thursday ...
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Inside a gene editing lab: Editing life’s mutations and pondering the ethical consequences

NPR | 
Human eggs are the key starting point for the groundbreaking experiments underway in this lab. It's run by Shoukhrat Mitalipov, a ...

Reproductive ‘wake-up call’? Mystery decline in sperm count of men in industrialized countries

NPR | 
An international team of scientists analyzed data from nearly 43,000 men in dozens of industrialized countries and found that sperm ...
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Sequencing your genome may become a routine part of family checkup

NPR | 
Advances in technology have made it much easier, faster and less expensive to do whole genome sequencing...Falling costs have given ...
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Mimicking menstruation: Device built from living tissue replicates female reproductive cycle

NPR | 
Scientists say they've made a device in the lab that can mimic the human female reproductive cycle. The researchers hope ...
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Scientists don’t need permission to use your blood, DNA in research

NPR | 
[Before President Trump took office], the Obama administration dropped a controversial proposal that would have required all federally funded scientists ...
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Gene drive could extinguish diseases like malaria by wiping out mosquitoes

NPR | 
The lab is buzzing with hundreds of mosquitoes. "Everything in this cubicle is genetically modified," [says Andrew Hammond, a genetic ...
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Swedish scientist first to attempt gene editing on healthy human embryos

NPR | 
A scientist in Sweden has started trying to edit the DNA in healthy human embryos...The step by the developmental biologist ...
Embryonic stem cells

Should we restrict untested stem cell treatments?

NPR | 
Hundreds of clinics around the country are offering to treat a long list of health problems with stem cells...But leading ...
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