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AquaBounty Lawsuit just another attempt to delay commercialization of GE salmon strict xxl

Podcast: AquaBounty says GMO fish can’t survive in wild, no threat to Alaska’s wild salmon industry

Liz Ruskin | 
AquaBounty’s CEO says Alaska’s wild salmon industry has nothing to fear from the genetically engineered salmon her company plans to ...
Honey bee

Podcast: Deadly varroa mite has made winter of 2019 the worst in 10 years for honey bees

Anna King | 
Experts say honey bees are dealing with many stressors: chemicals, loss of wildflowers, climate change, nutrition and viruses. But this ...

Have grandmothers offered evolutionary advantages to their families?

Jonathan Lambert | 
Since the name of the evolutionary game is survival and reproduction, the phenomenon begs explanation — why live longer than ...
cell atlas

Podcast: Cataloguing every human cell in the quest to build ‘Human Cell Atlas’

Nell GreenfieldBoyce | 
SCOTT SIMON, HOST: Your body has around 37 trillion cells - no, really, we've counted, all bodies do, including BJ ...

Audio: GMOs aren’t just made in the lab. They’re found in nature, too

Curt Stager, Martha Foley | 
While genetically modified crops are the result of the intentional introduction of "foreign" genes by humans for a specific agricultural ...
winter blues sign e x

Short days, dark moods: Can a brain short circuit explain SAD (seasonal affective disorder)?

Jon Hamilton | 
Just in time for the winter solstice, scientists may have figured out how short days can lead to dark moods ...

Podcast: How deep brain stimulation relieves depression symptoms

Jon Hamilton | 
There's new evidence that mild pulses of electricity can relieve depression — if they reach the right target in the ...

Brains of young football players can be changed in one season, study says

Ashley Westerman | 
A single season playing football might be all it takes to change a young athlete's brain. … Researchers used special ...

Science summit calls gene-edited babies ‘deeply disturbing’ but rejects moratorium on similar research

Rob Stein | 
A Chinese scientist's claims that he created the world's first gene-edited babies is a "deeply disturbing" and "irresponsible" violation of ...

Podcast: What does sadness look like in the brain?

Jon Hamilton | 
Scientists may have caught a glimpse of what sadness looks like in the brain. A study of 21 people found ...
THUMBNAIL shutterstock

Limited benefits gained from vitamin D and fish oil supplements, find two major studies

Patti Neighmond | 
Many people routinely take nutritional supplements such as vitamin D and fish oil in the hopes of staving off major ...

Pentagon’s plan to engineer insects to protect food crops sparks fears of misuse as bioweapons

Dan Charles | 
Jane Polston and I are walking over to some greenhouses at the University of Florida, where she’s a professor. She wants ...
Kelton Jan e

Podcast: Exactly how does the brain do something as simple as storing a phone number?

Jon Hamilton | 
You hear a new colleague's name. You get directions to the airport. You glance at a phone number you're about ...

Will EPA’s new dicamba restrictions be enough to stop crop damage?

Eli Chen | 
Scientists are concerned that the Environmental Protection Agency’s recently announced limits on dicamba herbicide use will not be effective in ...

Surviving climate change: These 5 key crops will be forced to migrate northward

Dan Charles | 
Climate change is coming like a freight train, or a rising tide. And our food, so dependent on rain and ...
barley prices craft beer

Skyrocketing beer prices? Why climate change could hit us where it hurts

Bill Chappell | 
The price of beer could rise sharply this century, and it has nothing to do with trends in craft brewing ...
dicamba damage

Arkansas farmers defy authorities, spray banned GMO dicamba resistant soybean and cotton

Dan Charles | 
The fields and back roads of eastern Arkansas were a crime scene this past summer. State inspectors stopped alongside fields ...

Sexual assault and the brain: Are memory gaps unusual?

Jim Hopper, Rachel Martin | 
[Senate judiciary committee hearing on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh] about a sexual assault accusation provoked different ...
LH ivory trade feat

Hunting ivory smugglers with DNA tests

Christopher Joyce | 
Conservationists have developed a new high-tech strategy to trace the cartels that smuggle much of the illegal ivory around the ...
A New D World for People With Dementia x

Inside the quest to find the ‘Alzheimer’s Germ’—if it even exists

Bret Stetka | 
Dr. Leslie Norins is willing to hand over $1 million of his own money to anyone who can clarify something: ...
rosehip and pyramidal neuron wide b e dbb ea ae ea fabed b b f

Newly discovered brain cells could be key to human uniqueness

Jon Hamilton | 
Scientists have taken another step toward understanding what makes the human brain unique. An international team has identified a kind ...
dt ct scan lung cancer x

Doctors aren’t all that good at helping patients decide on lung cancer screenings, study shows

Mara Gordon | 
A study published [August 20] in JAMA Internal Medicine looked at how well doctors talked about the risks and benefits of lung cancer ...
cell atlas

Cataloguing every type of cell through the ‘Human Cell Atlas’

Karen Weintraub | 
"No one really knows how many [types of human cells] there will be," [Aviv Regev] says. Immunologists had already counted ...
zika nolen fo

Delayed onset: Damage from Zika can appear up to a year after birth

Rob Stein | 
Since Zika emerged as a threat to babies, it has been a mystery exactly how much of a danger the ...
genetic testing

Why genetic tests could affect your insurance coverage in the future

Michelle Andrews | 
Taking a genetic test in your 20s or 30s could, indeed, affect your ability to get long-term-care insurance later — ...
Advantages and disadvantages of agroforestry

‘Land sparing’ or ‘land sharing’? More intensive agriculture better helps farmers fight climate change

Paul Chisholm | 
Farmers face a growing dilemma .... How do you feed .... people without harming the environment? [G]rowing as much food ...
football brain

Chronic brain injury CTE is only confirmed after death. How do we diagnose the living?

Tom Goldman | 
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is found among people who've had head injuries. Though not everyone with head trauma develops CTE, the group ...

Genetic privacy: Are we protected against discrimination from health insurers?

Michelle Andrews | 
This week, we're tackling questions from readers who are worried about health insurance roadblocks in the face of a serious ...