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Battle over sugar’s health effects spurs development of new biotech-based sweeteners

Chemical and Engineering News | 
The idea that, beyond their ability to inflate the calories of food, added sugars are uniquely bad for us is ...
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How biotech gets potentially harmful chemical acrylamide out of fries, crackers and other popular foods

Chemical and Engineering News | 
The discovery of [the carcinogenic chemical] acrylamide in foods like crackers, cookies, potato chips, and french fries rattled food makers ...

New GMO corn variety significantly increases yields by boosting photosynthesis

The biotech firm Benson Hill Biosystems and the seed company Beck’s say their six-year-old partnership has yielded a trait that increases ...
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Can CRISPR gene editing revive promise of GMOs to provide hardier, more nutritious, better tasting crops?

Chemical & Engineering News | 
Using CRISPR to add—or remove—a plant trait is faster, more precise, easier, and in most cases cheaper than either traditional ...
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Could GMO microbes provide new source of ‘natural’ vanilla?

Chemical & Engineering News | 
World production of natural vanilla is tiny and has been falling in recent years... With demand on the upswing, trade ...

Will gene editing, corporate consolidation bring agricultural revolution?

Chemical and Engineering News | 
A new day is dawning for agriculture. When asked to describe the magnitude of the coming change, experts harken back ...