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Will complicated science, ‘rising anti-business sentiment’ cripple Bayer’s glyphosate defense?

Los Angeles Times | 
The epic $2.055-billion jury verdict against Monsanto over accusations that its blockbuster weed killer Roundup causes cancer is just one ...
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Challenging Nature’s decision to run a stem cell advertisement portrayed as research

Los Angeles Times | 
Readers of Nature, one of the world’s most important scientific journals, might have been struck recently by an audacious claim ...

Viewpoint: Monsanto is no victim, but Roundup-cancer verdict isn’t backed by science

Los Angeles Times | 
At the outset, let’s stipulate — as the lawyers might say — that the chemical giant Monsanto is not well ...

Should there be limits on FOIA requests used to harass scientists?

Los Angeles Times | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Both the GMO and ...

Toronto Star’s take on vaccines ignores science, spreads irrational fear

Los Angeles Times | 
 The Toronto Star, Canada's highest-circulation daily newspaper, has built a reputation for excellent investigative reporting, including justly celebrated exposes of Toronto Mayor ...

Small California stem cell research brings riches by tapping into to state funds

Los Angeles Times | 
StemCells Inc. has had rather a charmed relationship with California's publicly funded stem cell program, with some $40 million in ...
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Junk science used to promote Proposition 37

Los Angeles Times | 
Even if the California ballot measure mandating the labeling of genetically modified food measure goes down, the campaign on behalf ...
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Prop. 37: Another example of the perils of the initiative process?

Los Angeles Times | 
Love it or hate it, the one thing you can say for sure about California's ballot initiative process is that ...