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Junk food lobby brings bag of dirty tricks to New Hampshire GMO labeling fight

Huffington Post | 
In secret documents that I uncovered in November, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (aka food industry lobbyists) laid out its five-point plan for opposing the ...

Monsanto teams up with Congress to shred the constitution

Food Safety News | 
The following is an excerpt. Our founding fathers, white maleness aside, did get a few things right. One of them ...

Will federal compromise on GMO labeling trump state law, forever?

Food Safety News | 
The following is an excerpt. Here is the pattern: a grassroots effort builds over time to enact local or state ...

California labeling initiative: Anti-GM activist compares the food industry to tobacco industry

Huffington Post | 
As the California labeling act gets closer to election day, proponents of both sides are coming out of the woodwork ...