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y chromosome

Why don’t men have longer, healthier lives? Blame it on the Y chromosome

New York Times | 
New evidence indicates that the Y chromosome participates in an array of essential, general-interest tasks in men, like stanching cancerous ...
ANTSJP master

Gene-edited ants could shed light on human society, disease

New York Times | 
[Daniel Kronauer of Rockefeller University and his colleagues] have manipulated the DNA of Cerapachys biroi ants, creating what Dr. Kronauer says are ...
Screen Shot at AM

Syndactyly: Family’s ‘fused fingers’ deformity sheds light on human genome

New York Times | 
They said it was their family curse: a rare congenital deformity called syndactyly, in which the thumb and index finger ...

Brain region identified that only responds to sound of music

New York Times | 
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