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Malfunctioning brain ‘hubs’ could be responsible for dyslexia, ADHD

Cosmos | 
Different learning difficulties do not, as previously thought, correspond to specific regions of the brain, new British research suggests. Instead, ...

Reforestation: Climate change solution or ‘ecosystem disservice’? Depends where you plant the trees

Cosmos | 
Reforestation is an important part of tackling climate change, but it seems we need to think carefully about where we ...

Another mystery of our brains: ‘Why are we not hallucinating all the time?’

Cosmos | 
It’s a question they might have asked for different reasons in the ’60s, but neuroscientists from Stanford University in the ...
Lonesome George putneymark ccby x

Searching for keys to cancer resistance in the genome of giant tortoise Lonesome George

Cosmos | 
An international research team has discovered several variants in tortoise genomes that potentially affect six of the nine hallmarks of ...

Why Darwin’s ‘abominable mystery’ may not be all that mysterious

Cosmos | 
For 140 years, scientists have been trying to explain what Charles Darwin described as “an abominable mystery”. Darwin was bothered by evidence ...
EyeHealthDiesease MacularDegenerationGraphic

Nothing to fear from hallucinations linked to macular degeneration, study shows

Cosmos | 
Hallucinations linked to vision loss from macular degeneration are caused by abnormally heightened activity in the visual cortex of the ...
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