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Viewpoint: Glyphosate is great at killing weeds, but there are concerns its use could imperil the microbiome of some insects — both beneficial and harmful

Viewpoint: Glyphosate is great at killing weeds, but there are concerns its use could imperil the microbiome of some insects — both beneficial and harmful

Natalie Parletta | 
[A] study, published in the journal Communications Biology, showed that glyphosate inhibits a biochemical pathway in bacteria that was previously ...
It has an effect, period: How menstrual cycles influence mood

It has an effect, period: How menstrual cycles influence mood

Ian Connellan | 
A research team led by Emma Pierson from Stanford University and Microsoft Research New England, US, found that the menstrual ...
Extinct Denisovans – modern human cousins – may have contributed genes to high-altitude adaptations seen in Tibetans

Extinct Denisovans – modern human cousins – may have contributed genes to high-altitude adaptations seen in Tibetans

Lauren Fuge | 
[A] cave on the Tibetan Plateau was once home to Denisovans, an ancient species of humans whose remains had previously ...
mozart music help reduce frequency epilepsy attacks

Can listening to Mozart reduce epileptic seizures?

In a paper published in the journal Clinical Neurophysiology and just presented at a virtual meeting of the European College of ...
unnamed file

Here’s why children learn languages more easily than adults

Previous brain scanning research and the clinical findings of language loss in patients who suffered a left hemisphere stroke have ...
woman sleeping asleep alone bed x facebook

How sleep ‘cleans’ the brain

Natalie Parletta | 
Sleep has critical roles in health and regeneration, and one of those is clearing the brain of metabolic waste, according ...
sperm swim

Video: Sperm are ‘spinners not swimmers’—because they are lopsided

Research by fertility scientists in the UK and Mexico challenges the accepted view of how sperm “swim”, suggesting that it ...
unnamed file

‘Mind blindness’ makes it hard to remember the past and picture the future

Natalie Parletta | 
[R]ecent studies have found that 2% to 5% of people will see nothing at all [when they try to imagine ...
img ana

Invading armies not to blame for fall of ancient Andean cultures, genetic analysis shows

An international team has conducted what it says is the first in-depth, wide-scale study of the genomic history of ancient ...

‘Stealth’ technology could mean universal blood transfusions—regardless of blood type

Paul Biegler | 
Scientists have created a “stealth” red blood cell that camouflages its immune status, meaning it could potentially be transfused into ...
cnlm uci

Malfunctioning brain ‘hubs’ could be responsible for dyslexia, ADHD

Nick Carne | 
Different learning difficulties do not, as previously thought, correspond to specific regions of the brain, new British research suggests. Instead, ...
e cigarette

Evidence mounts that marijuana smokers more vulnerable to false memories

Mark Bruer | 
Cannabis not only induces forgetfulness, it also opens the door for false memories, according to new research. And that’s serious, ...
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Is your personality shaped by your gut bacteria? Study suggests sociable people have more diverse microbiome

Natalie Parletta | 
A new study from Oxford University, published in the journal Human Microbiome, has linked gut bacteria strains and diversity with people’s personalities. That ...

Reforestation: Climate change solution or ‘ecosystem disservice’? Depends where you plant the trees

Nick Carne | 
Reforestation is an important part of tackling climate change, but it seems we need to think carefully about where we ...
is brain glioblastoma cancer x

Electrical stimulation can ‘starve’ brain cancers, early study shows

Paul Biegler | 
Researchers have shown that electrical stimulation to the skull can starve brain cancers of vital nutrient-rich blood, opening the door ...
chiptest news bl

‘Cancer lab’ on a chip could move diagnosis into our homes

Phil Dooley | 
Finding out you have cancer is bad enough, but to then have to go to hospital for a painful and ...

Another mystery of our brains: ‘Why are we not hallucinating all the time?’

Nick Carne | 
It’s a question they might have asked for different reasons in the ’60s, but neuroscientists from Stanford University in the ...
frey synthetic babies

Forget batteries and wires. Can we build robots out of synthetic DNA?

Drew Turney | 
It's long been a dream of many to build robots that look and act like humans. After all, there's a ...

International group of economists, geneticists calls for relaxed crop gene-editing rules to promote food security

Natalie Parletta | 
With renewed attention to implementation and regulation, new plant breeding technologies such as gene editing could make an important contribution ...
the end of the neolithic period is when humans first started make wine according to new research

New study claims first farmers in Europe were direct descendants of region’s hunter-gatherers, challenging belief migrants introduced agriculture

Andrew Masterson | 
For several years it has been broadly acknowledged that agriculture in Europe was first established in the Anatolian peninsula in modern day ...
pia mars rover artistconcept

‘Second genesis’: Assessing the evidence for life on Mars

Richard Lovett | 
Today, the burning question isn’t whether Mars might once have been habitable – at various times in its distant past, ...

Genetic analysis reveals mysterious evolution of brewer’s yeast that makes beer possible

Andrew Masterson | 
The strain of brewers’ yeast used to make beer, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, derives from versions used over thousands of years to ...
ef group cmyk

Can frequent exercise epigenetically slow the aging process?

Paul Biegler | 
Research under way in Melbourne is showing that exercise can, literally, make your body younger. … [Researcher Sarah] Voisin tells ...
Lonesome George putneymark ccby x

Searching for keys to cancer resistance in the genome of giant tortoise Lonesome George

Nick Carne | 
An international research team has discovered several variants in tortoise genomes that potentially affect six of the nine hallmarks of ...
Neanderthal human interbreeding

Human, Neanderthal mating was more than just a ‘one night stand’, study suggests

Dyani Lewis | 
Once upon a time, prehistoric humans and our ancient Neanderthal cousins met and procreated. Except, that ‘once upon a time’ ...

Why Darwin’s ‘abominable mystery’ may not be all that mysterious

Nick Carne | 
For 140 years, scientists have been trying to explain what Charles Darwin described as “an abominable mystery”. Darwin was bothered by evidence ...
EyeHealthDiesease MacularDegenerationGraphic

Nothing to fear from hallucinations linked to macular degeneration, study shows

Nick Carne | 
Hallucinations linked to vision loss from macular degeneration are caused by abnormally heightened activity in the visual cortex of the ...
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‘Cradles of diversification’: Lagoons played key role in evolution of first vertebrates

Lauren Fuge | 
Scientists have discovered that shallow, lagoon-like environments were the cradle for vertebrate evolution, giving rise to our distant ancestors. A ...
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