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Gene editing could boost UK agriculture, but ‘anti-science’ lobby must not control the debate, experts say

Farmers Guardian | 
Gene editing can bring clear benefits to the UK food and farming industry as UK agricultural moves through its fourth ...

UK: After environment minister’s call for GM adoption, farmers say they must see market acceptance

Farmers Guardian | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Farmers in the UK have welcomed the  call for a fresh debate on genetically ...

Genetically modified animals could boost UK food security

Farmers Guardian | 
The following is an excerpt. Professor Helen Sang and Prof Bruce Whitelaw from the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute, who ...

UK: Rothamsted looks to extend GM wheat trials

Farmers Guardian | 
The following is an excerpt. The centre in Harpenden, which was attacked by anti-GM protesters for its aphid resistant wheat ...

GM maize ban lifted in Russia

Farmers Guardian | 
A temporary ban on GM maize has been lifted in Russia. The ban was put in place in September last ...