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Controversial GMO American chestnut could provide blueprint for saving endangered species

Genetic Literacy Project | 
To those who are fearful of GMOs, it is the most dangerous tree in the world. To the rest of ...

Will Beyond, Impossible burgers mark the downfall of ‘real’ beef?

Outside | 
There’s a famous Gandhi aphorism about how movements progress: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they ...

With gene drives, we could delete’ an entire invasive species. Should we?

Pacific Standard | 
In a windowless London basement, behind three sets of locked steel doors and a wall of glass, thousands of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes cling ...
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Impossible Food’s plant-based beefy hamburgers edge closer to market

Pacific Standard | 
[T]he more attention consumers paid to the realities of feedlot farming, the more they wanted out. But organic, grass-fed, and ...

Can new meatless burgers wean us off unsustainable beef?

Outside | 
I dumped meat a few weeks ago, and it was not an easy breakup. Some of my most treasured moments ...